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    Ed Siribohdi

    Any ‘must see’ Landscape Architecture works in Paris and London?  Thanks in advance.

    Kevin J. Gaughan

    Ed, there are some good suggestions in this thread:


    But I am sure there are many more!

    Peter Mahony

    In London I took the sight-seeing double decker bus trip the evening of my arrival. Tired due to travelling, long day, etc. so the bus was a great way to see the lay of the city and note places I wanted to come back to for further exploration. The walk through Green Park on the way to Buckingham was pretty cool. As a major plant weenie it was great to see some ginormous trees as well different ways the Brits handled maintenance of their green spaces. My trip was almost the same time (late May) last year. I missed the Chelsea show by 1 day, but had great chats with some garden-installers who were staying in my hotel (even if we understood about 1/3rd of what we were trying to say to each other!). See what events may be going on like a Chelsea or a special event at Kew. Have fun!

    James H Wheeler

    Paris has every kind of park imaginable. Some suggestions and favorites include:

    Parc Citroen, Parc Bercy, Jardin Atlantique (behind the Montparnasse Train station) are all on the modern side of LA.


    Jardin Albert Kahn is a also great spot, it has both traditional and contemporary japanese gardens.


    good luck and have fun!



    I would recommend checking out Parc Clichy-Batignolles just next to the Porte de Clichy metro stop. It is still under construction… However the majority is currently accessible and I’ve heard it has been very well used since spring started.

    I’ve got a few misgivings about the skate park, but then there’s just no pleasing us skaters sometimes 😛


    Heres the location on Maps:

    Ed Siribohdi

    Thank you all for your comments.

    Ryland Fox

    Buttes-Chaumont Park is really neat looking.tunnels, waterfalls, a suspension bridge

    Ed Siribohdi

    Thank you.  This is definitely a place to see.

    Jeff McLane

    Arab Institute in Paris is awesome. Entire facade is like camera aperture opening and closing with the quantity of light; clouds, sun, etc.

    Les Ballard

    I guess it is a case of what floats your boat.  In Mile End, London, near the tube station, there is a footbridge that is also a park with trees right over the road system.  Also, in Battersea, is the new American Embassy.  It has been designed to be unapproachable and bombable even by a truck.  Antiterrorist kit has now to be included in may buildings and this seems to be a way forward in LA world with gardens in what effectively are tank traps.  Something similar is also set out as benches and smaller planting tubs.  Google London ring of steel and the embassy example for more info.  The ring of steel effectively left just a few routes in and out of the commercial quarter or city of London (square mile) and there are bollards galore that may or may not go up and down as needed.  Whole rows of trees, even buildings, now block off routes from side roads now cul-de-sacs behind them.  It is a study in itself.

    If you get a bike, favourite for learning taxi drivers “knowledge” you can go most places and certainly the royal parks are worth a look.  Try cycling the route the carriages took at the royal wedding from Westminster Abbey to Buckingham Palace then to Notting Hill (as in film of same name) via Kensington Gardens.  What you will see is how the centre of London, the West End as it is called, splits from military to royal to leisure use.  You may even be able to drop in to New Scotland Yard (police HQ) and ask how traffic is calmed, speeded or whatever.  Further, for the Olympics, fast access for flk out to the stadia north of east london is planned and I think plans can be seen.  The olympic site itself must be worth a visit, take a bike on the train! 

    Have fun and good luck.   

    Trace One

    I still love the San chapelle, in Paris, the apex of stained glass and flying butresses, the Tuileries and the rodin museum…

    and as far as I am concerned, breakfast cafe latte in paris, but bring your own food to London, but go see  plays, go see the Royal Shakespeare for every play on the rep that you can…

    : )

    Tosh K


    Citroen is an oft cited precedent, Vaux le Vicomte is worth half a day is you can spare it, Promenade Planteé a precedent for the High Line in NYC, La Defense is interesting in its scale (big), the plaza in front of the Pompidou is worth looking at (slope and it’s use b/c of the slope).

    Parc des Buttes-Chaumont & Parc de la Villette (read Meyer’s article on both, well worth the short read (


    Always wanted to see the Princess Di fountain in London.  I would imagine the Canary Wharf are is well worth looking at as well.

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