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    I am traveling throughout Europe for the month of July and was wondering if any of you had any suggestions of places that i must see while Im here.
    At the moment Im in Eindhoven and the weather is terrible but Im hoping to move on to Amsterdam tomorrow.
    Also if any of you are around and can offer me a tour or even have time for tea and biscuits that would be excellent, its important to network! πŸ™‚
    Thanks in Advance.

    Kevin J. Gaughan

    Here is a link to an older post that has some good suggestions from land8 members:

    The site has grown A LOT since then, however, so I am sure there will be lots more input to come. One suggestion I might have is if you are going to be in Amsterdam next, consider going to Germany after, more specifically Munster (i believe its only a 2-3 hour train ride away). It is a very cool little city which in my opinion is designed extremely well. Germans are good at cities!



    Thanks so much Kev,
    I plan on spending a bit of time in Germany, not sure yet. I thought id just wing it.
    The Germans are good at everything! πŸ™‚

    Rich Bensman

    I just returned from Chaumont – sur – Loire in France. They have a great contemporary garden festival that certainly is worth checking out. A couple hours train from Paris. A bit of shameless plug since we’ve got a garden there, nonetheless an excellent place.


    Are you going to Spain? The temple of la Sagrada Familia is one of the most (maybe THE most) original pieces of architecture I’ve ever seen. Worth spending an afternoon there and getting the audio tour.


    No i shalln’t be visiting Spain but thanks for the info.
    This trip shall be confined to northern Europe, the next trip will definitely incorporate southern Europe though.
    Thanks for the information everyone!!!


    Hi, I’m working at the moment in the area of Munchen, Germany. If you arrive here, send me a message. I don’t know the city myself very well but I am discovering a lot of interesting things around. There are a lot of parks and gardens anyway.
    Greetings, Catina

    Matthew MacLeod

    Cinque Terre in Italy (north a ways, near Milan on the west coast), Salzburg in Austria, Prague in general. I was also very impressed with Lucerne – walking the city walls is a great experience, especially if you’re there on the hour to watch the clock chime (you can see all the mechanics as it spins off). Oh, and don’t miss Rome. That’s one of the most interesting cities I’ve ever been to.

    Matt Landis

    My vote would be San Gimignano, Italy. It is an incredible 12th century town not too far from Florence. Also, if you go to Florence….the Boboli Gardens are beautiful. A must in Paris is the Parc de la Villette by Bernard Tschumi. (see link). Finally….who could resist Brussels for some incredible beer?

    Deborah Christman

    Berlin for the urban planning and changes. Find a German to tell you all the stuff. Hotel Fjord near the Sony Plaza is reasonably priced and nice. The breakfast at the top floor is typical German and enough to keep you going till midnight. I was the only English speaker there though.

    I really enjoyed the Loire Valley; Villandry, Chenonceau (sp?), the Chaumont Festival, Leonardo’s last casa… We stayed in Amboise and took one of those van tour things since we did not have a car. Worth the few bucks. Sancerre wine there is lovely.

    My son fell in love with Venice. It really is a must see. And if you are in Italy anyway then Sienna and Florence. Study the plazas and how well they are used. then of course the historical gardens scattered everywhere.

    I like Paris. I like art. I like chocolate. I like wine. I like people watching in the many parks. So I like Paris.

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