Trophy Gardens eh?

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    Tosh K

    Trophy Gardens – NYTimes

    $3k saplings $350k/acre meadows?

    I guess it’s nice to get some love and recognition of added value of the designed landscape.


    This is an awesome article. I especially like;

    Such challenges are likely to make the fine art of landscape architecture the most exclusive field of all for super collectors.”

    Landscapes are not cheap that is for sure.

    Trace One

    thank you for posting this, tosh K, very interesting piece.

    I just wish the writers  would spend less time chasing vacuous golden oldies (‘the spirit of the place” !!oooh! How profound and novel – NOT) and more time just describing the designs. It is like they have forgotten how to review. I think a greater level of detail would be appropriate even for a non-trade publication, and also would just avoid some of stupid pitfalls of designers having to pretend they have vision. The ‘vision” part is also probably the part the reviewer or non-professional is least  likely to ‘get.’  Additionally, good design, even  innovative design, does not necessarily require one to be annointed by god with light. It does require detail, however, and these reviewers just can’t be bothered doing something that should be fun for them- just tell us what you see! Ask the designer for concrete details, like where is it failing, or what is your watering schedule….

    the brits are so much better at writing than we are. 

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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