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    Alex Karapatis

    Hi all,

    I’m interested in the various strategies people are using to maintain or even improve thier LA skillset despite unemployment.  I have seen some really helpful links to websites such as CadToutor and LandFx that allow us to maintain our digital skills.  What about other websites, tutorials, free software, knowledge resources that LA’s can access on the internet and digest while job searching. How about activities that extend beyond the internet? 

    I look forward to your suggestions,



    Take classes at your local junior/city college.


    I became a LEED-AP and took some time learning more about native plants in my area.  I finally took a part time unpaid internship at an architecture firm and that’s been the best way to keep my skills active.  It’s better for me to be building experience and relationships which will eventually help me get a paying job than staying at home looking for jobs.  I find the busier I am, the more I accomplish.

    Jason T. Radice

    Besides starting a masters, I regularly attend shows, conferences, and letures by LAs and Architects. I have also traveled a bit to see major new works, and some older notable works I have not seen before. I also read a great deal in a variety of subjects just to keep learning.

    Sean D. Henderson

    I went out and hunted up pro bono work on my own time and wound up with a rather interesting design site and a group of people that were really excited to talk about ideas.  It’s a great way to offer design services to people who would otherwise not be able to afford it, while also keeping you and your portfolio relevant in the field.  You also meet various people in doing this and building a personal and professional network typically makes the difference between working and not working.  Plus if you’re lucky it just may be built, and then there is a physical outcome to point at and say ‘See how awesome I am?’



    Pearl May

    Finishing the LARE and considering becoming a Civil Engineer…


    I watch a lot of CNBC and read a lot of economics news, which may not be the best thing for my mental health!  I’ve found I’m very curious about this thing called “the economy” that continues to bedevil us and toss our profession around like a child treats an old toy.  Maybe it will eventually benefit me with a greater understanding of business issues.  Maybe developers will appreciate the fact that I can toss around terms like “Pro forma” and “ROI”. I’m looking into business classes, but I’m also looking into changing directions altogether, towards developing a second career or a sideline that would remain more viable through downturns. I feel an enormous sense of guilt that I’m not able to contribute to my household the way I would like.


    I’ve done some online webinars, including some here. Kudos to those organizing and contributing on them!

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