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    Pete Stam

    Water Cultures: Barcelona, as a responsive architectural installation, will measure and visualize the guests’ water usage at the Hotel Barceló Raval. By connecting the guests to each other and the residents of Barcelona, the exhibition will create social networks within the hotel environment, inspire more thoughtful water habits, and spark cultural exchange.

    Responsive Design Workshop: The schematic design of the exhibition will be implemented by a summer workshop, facilitated by Urban Buddy, at the Institute of advanced architecture of Catalonia (IaaC). The studio will present the parameters of the installation as a design challenge and devise a solution from which the exhibition will be refined and produced.

    Participants will: study theories of social networks; explore real-time data modeling, responsive display concepts, and innovative spatial concepts; gain familiarity with Rhino, Grasshopper, and digital fabrication through team cre ation of full-scale study models; experience the culture and innovation of Barcelona; meet local professionals. 

    Exhibition Venue
    The Hotel Barceló Raval is a 186-room, 10 story hotel in the Raval district of Barcelona. Centrally located and close to the underground metro, the exhibition has the potential to become a unique destination for many of Barcelona’s visitors, as well as local residents.



    July 11-29

    Barcelona, Spain 



    Thomas J. Johnson

    I’m not sure how well this will go-over. I mean, who goes on vacation to be guilt-ed to death? Isn’t half the point of staying in hotels to waste water? I mean, why pay $300 a night if not to take extra-long hot showers with those sweet “rain” shower heads and to leave the water running while I shave and brush my teeth… nothing says “luxury” like wasting water!

    Pete Stam

    It will be interesting to see if any animosity towards the installation arises.  That would be a fantastic element to analyze!  Thanks for the thoughts. 

    Monica Scott

    Sounds fascinating.  Are you still accepting applications for this program?  Through the website it seems to still be allowing my to apply, but I just wanted to confirm that there is still space before I filled anything out.

    Pete Stam

    Hi Monica, 


    Yes, we still have a couple spaces left!  We look forward to seeing your info and hopefully having you join us.  



    Pete Stam 

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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