What is the best way to improve design skills?

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    Alan Ray, RLA

    Design is a Practice…..so, design, design, design….don’t take yourself too seriously…

    everyone that’s been around very long can tell you this is not an exact science…

    experiment and don’t be afraid to fail, otherwise you’ll struggle over perfection…

    I’ve been practicing over 40 years (29 self employed)) and I’m still having a blast.

    Every new job is an opportunity to do your best job ever! And don’t get hung up on

    trends, they come and they go and now it seems that the trend is to complicate the

    design by over embellishment…so, keep it simple and the strength of your design

    will emerge.

    Chunling Wu

    Draw and think as you were in the space. 



    Greetings of the day, 

    I’m Scott, an experienced Landscape Architecture in Long Island. Being a professional in this field i recommend to you collect experience as much as you can with an experienced firm/company where you can explore & share your design skills. This will surely help you a lot in improving your design skills.


    Benjamin Loh

    thank u Scott for your recommendation. Yes I am now working for an experienced company. Not the best company in design in my opinion but still there’re things that I can learned from. Heard some companies which are good in design are tough towards their employees i.e. working for long hrs etc.  Can’t have everything in one place I supposed. 

    Doug Davies

    How many people need to go where, when? In its most basic form, public space needs to move people, efficiently, and simply. No high design can save a space that doesn’t perform the function for the people that need to inhabit it. I would start with learning about how people move, why, and what stops them.

    William Whtye – The Social Life of Small Urban Spaces

    Lisa Taylor – Urban Open Spaces

    Literally anything by Jan Gehl

Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)
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