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    We recommend arriving to the LEED exam test center at least 30 minutes before your scheduled exam time to get settled, check in, and begin. Nothing may be brought into the exam room with you. Small lockers are provided to secure purses, keys, cell phones, and the like, but do not plan on being able to bring anything but yourself into the exam room.

    Right before you take your exam, after sitting down at your allocated LEED exam testing center computer desk, you will be given 10 minutes to do a quick tutorial on how to use the testing software and program. This process is basically a “how to use a mouse to click you answer” tutorial, although it does teach you how to “mark” your questions so you can come back to them later, which is helpful, so don’t just blindly click through it. It is common to be able to go through this tutorial more quickly than the 10 minutes allotted, so if you do have additional time available, you should definitely use the remaining time to your advantage.

    The LEED exam “Brain Dump” – use the remaining time to think about the exam you are about to take, relax, and write down notes you have previously memorized if the LEED exam testing center will allow you to write notes during this tutorial time. Some LEED exam testing centers do and some don’t allow it.

    What do we recommend you write down? Write down helpful quick charts that you have found or made up yourself during your preparation for the LEED exam. And write down anything you know that you have had trouble remembering. Everyone will have a few things that, no matter how many times you go through your study material, you always end up forgetting for some reason. Know what these are going into the LEED exam and write them down during this time so if you do forget them, you’ll have them right there.

    If the LEED exam testing center does not allow you to write down notes during the tutorial, decide beforehand the amount of time that you will allow yourself to write down notes once the LEED exam has begun.

    Once you have reached the end of the amount of time you have allowed yourself for note taking (which should usually be less than 5 minutes for the average person), begin taking your LEED exam, as you do not want to run out of time. You are given 120 minutes to take each LEED exam, and each LEED exam is 100 questions long, so you will have approximately 1 minute and 20 seconds to answer each question.

    Planet Principles provides online LEED Training for LEED Exam Prep.

    For more information please visit the website: http://www.planetprinciples.com

    John W. Olson

    That is great advice! I did exactly what was recommended by planet when I took the exam about one year ago and believe me, it helped A TON! I practiced the Brain Dump ahead of time as a simulation before taking practice exams. Once the test began, I don’t know that I referred to my sheet of dumped material, but after writing it down such a short time prior to the exam, it was very fresh in my brain. Great advice from planet!

    Richard Longman

    The brain dump is good advice and one that the instructor of my prep course gave us. I’m not sure how helpful my notes were but it was reassuring to know that I didn’t have to worry myself with the information while taking the test.

    One minor correction, you’ll have about 1 minute and 13 seconds…not 20 seconds.

    When I took the AP test I had almost an hour left over. Few of the questions really take a lot of time so you either know it or think you know it. Being able to mark the questions to go back and review is a blessing and curse. Still you shouldn’t put too much time into second guessing yourself because you’ll just confuse yourself.

    Good advice.


    Thanks John

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