What tools do you use to manage multiple social media accounts?

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    Andrew Spiering

    With all of the social media accounts you can possibly have now…



    Land8 ­čÖé

    … to name a few, a recent study┬árevealed that the average person is only active on 2.0 social networks. ┬áHow many do you actively use? ┬áFor those that are above the average, what tools do you use to manage your multiple accounts? ┬á

    Craig Rowe

    I am actively using around 10 different social media accounts:

    – Facebook (private : for personal friends & family)

    – Facebook Page 1 (for sharing updates from my hobby blog)

    – Facebook Page 2 (for sharing updates of professional work)

    – Twitter (automatically feeds from my Facebook Page 1)

    – Blogger (hobby blog)

    – WordPress (professional portfolio)

    – Linkedin (for professional connections & resume)

    – Instagram (for public artistic-photos & networking)

    – Flickr (for sharing home woodworking projects)

    – Directr (for sharing video clips)

    I manage almost everything with my IPhone.

    I also have a website http://www.craigarowe.com where I stream in my 2 blogs, 2 facebook pages, instagram, and twitter into one public profile for myself

    Andrew Spiering

    Wow. ┬áThat’s impressive. ┬áSo, you don’t use anything like┬áHootSuite?


    I tried Hootsuite to manage it all but the best is the desktop with double screens with the traveling mouse on both screens at work. Knock out time is seconds.

    Out of the office switching to an iPhone was the best especially for working with people on west coast time, other countries, or using Hotspot in non-wifi areas. Some position postings I receive require me to use the laptop or wait for work.    

    Facebook Personal plus 2 private groups 1 public group 19 pages ranging from UGA, organization, foundations, student groups, K-12, sports and business.

    Twitter Personal plus 2 business

    Instagram Personal considering the 2 businesses

    YouTube Personal plus 1 business (shared)

    Foursquare Personal and currently adding 2 businesses UGA CED and Big Dawg Running

    Tumblr personal (just starting)

    Pinterest Personal plus 1 group

    LinkedIn Personal plus 2 groups

    Google+ Person plus 1 business

    Land8 ­čÖé Personal plus 2 groups

    With the college page we collaborate as a team…http://www.ced.uga.edu with an overhaul coming.


    Only if I want to filter activity really quick…for management I receive way too much to output. ┬á

    Andrew Spiering

    Audra!  This is great.  Interesting to hear a double screen beats HootSuite.  When you use your mobile device, is there an app that you use to manage your accounts?  Or, do you just switch from one to the next?

    Craig Rowe

    I had never heard of HootSuite until now.┬á Either I get an email or my phone gives me notifications when something is going on, otherwise I just switch between apps when I’m ready to browse or post something.

    Andrew Spiering

    Interesting to know.  Does that work well for you?

    Alex Braun

    I’ve been using HootSuite for a few months now, and it’s pretty straightforward. Small complaints though–it’s tough to predict how the images you post will appear on Facebook, and sometimes links will just inexplicably be left out of posts. My two cents…

    Andrew Spiering

    eww… two big concerns. ┬áNever good when you have to second guess. ┬áOther than that, though, it’s pretty cool? ┬áDid you take a look at any of the competing applications like, Buffer?┬á┬á

    Alex Braun

    I didn’t. I just looked at Buffer now and it looks cool. HootSuite looked fine at first too, you know? You wouldn’t predict that it would somehow misfire pictures to Facebook, but here we are… Good luck in your search!

    Cameron R. Rodman

    I use multiple accounts from Fb to twitter, tumblr, youtube, etc. I am still in the process of setting things up however. I have a squarespace website which I can feed updates from into each of these accounts. It works great. It even feeds over to my linked in account. I can post a blog on Squarespace and it goes everywhere at once.

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