Who deserves jobs?

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    I agree that culture plays a big part in the picture. But I’m not going to ignore the differences between the sexes. In my perfect world I would love to say the men and women are perfectly equal in all aspects. But we are not; a man isn’t born with eggs to produce a child just like a woman isn’t born with sperm.

    In my world men tend to take more dangerous risk than women. Be it socialization, culture, chemistry, what ever. I have no intention to get into a battle of the sexes, but you’re not going to convince me that we’re not different. And I’ll be the first to say that one sex isn’t better or smarter than the other. We just different and I think that’s something to be celebrated rather than ignored or turned into a taboo subject. I love my wife and I lean on her for support just like she leans on me. She’s my equal partner in life, but we’re different.

    Yes there maybe a higher percentage of blacks than whites in prison because of injustices, but as a black man, I’m not going to say that black Americans are just like white Americans and everyone else. We’re all different and thank God that we are. If we were all smart we would learn to love each other despite of our differences rather than ignoring them. The danger is when we try to pretend like we’re all the same and we miss out on the real beauty in the diversity of people. My brothers and sisters come in all shapes, sizes, colors and sexual preferences.

    Call me a caveman or out dated, but I’m not the kind of guy to ignore the 500lbs. gorilla in the room just to be PC. Please forgive me if I’ve offended anyone.


    Jonathan, will the 20 kids be toted around in the Hummer you have as a profile picture, or is that just another provocation?
    You don’t have to go as far as Lagos. Just drive a few hours to the south to Ciudad Juarez on the border with El Paso and see the people living in shacks. Drive through after a rainstorm and see the raw sewage in the street, flowing into the Rio Grande.

    Its troubling just how divided this country is. With that I’m going out to cast my vote AGAINST Sharon Angle!

    Rob Halpern

    If you do – and I pity the kids who were fathered out of spite – at least don’t ask us to give you preferential employment, benefits, etc. or fund their after-school soccer coach, or provide fuel economy breaks for your Hummer. Take responsibility for your choices (and your very employable attitude) and I’m fine with your mega-brood.

    Of course, if human over population and limited resources DO become a huge crisis, it’s really much more likely to be an issue for you and your brood than for many of the rest of us.


    A person’s sex, marital status or sexual orientation should not matter when it comes to getting or retaining a job. You know that and I think most fair-minded people would agree with that.

    I know times are tough (I FEEL YOUR PAIN), but getting wound up by some stranger yanking your chain is not going to help. From the tone of your words it seems like you have taken things personally. Let it go.

    Hang in there man, things will get better for you and you’ll be able to laugh at such things.

    I see people yelling, screaming and insulting each other so much on the news, no wonder things are so screwed up. I might disagree with you on a subject, but I would never think or say that you’re a moron (unless I’ve been drinking). You just don’t agree with me and that’s cool, you’re still my colleague.



    Jonathan is a funny dude. And I think he enjoys getting folks miffed. I’ll bet he’s probably one of the most environmentally conscious people on the site.

    Andrew Garulay, RLA

    Back to reality folks. There are not a whole lot of people that hire based on any of these political correct/incorrect crap. They hire the person who will help them the most with the least amount of overhead and wth the best liklihood of hanging around for the duration of the need for them and who will be less likely to use against you what they learn from you (whether it is opening a competitive office, passing on proprietory info,…).

    None of that other stuff is useful to anyone but philosophers debating. Figuring out what opportunities exist right now and how to become and/or convince someone that you are the person for that existing situation is going to get you a job. Discussing societal stereotypes won’t and planning your srategy for getting a job based on that will not make you more “deserving to have a job”.

    It reminds me of a scene from the movie “The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly”. Tuco Rimerez (the ugly) is taking a bath when he is confronted by someone who wants to kill him. The guy goes on a verbal assault for several minutes about what a scum bag Tuco is and how he is going to pay. Suddenly a gun shot rings out from under the suds and the would be killer drops to the floor. Tuco continues to clean his ears as he says to the corpse, “if you are going to shoot, shoot. Don’t talk about it”.

    Find out what IS out there and adjust yourself to make the best of it. Don’t worry about what you deserve. Worry about what someone else needs and how to get them to decide that you are the answer and hope that someone else is not a better answer.

    This profession is as diverse in every respect as they come whether it is gender, age, religion, race, national origin, sexual orientation, single, married, with children without children, … . These are made up reasons for not getting hired that people are reaching at for the comfort of making it beyond our own control. Reality is that opportunities are limited. They are quickly gone when they do arise. Most have very specific criteria that only some fit.

    Tim Zhang

    Risky behavior doesn’t equal doing drugs and punching baby seals, you have just committed a risky behavior. What happens if a client to the firm you’re working at says the wrong words and you react the same way?


    Sorry for the late response, I got side tracked for a little while there. I know that I don’t have the answer to fix this mess we’re in. But I don’t think you’re too far off on the game show thing. If it was a show like “Survivor” at least the politicians will have a little more understanding of what the average American is going through. Better yet we’d be able to see what their made of before we elect them.



    I understand things are hard for you right now, but I think you are taking this too far. It seems like you’ve made yourself judge, jury and executioner all rolled up into one. Really I don’t understand your rage.

    I have dealt with racism and being stereotyped my entire life. As an adult I couldn’t imagine myself lashing out at someone because they made a fried chicken or watermelon comment. People that say things like that have their own issues and I know going off on them is not going bring enlightenment to them. I look at them as children that just don’t know any better and I certainly wouldn’t say something mean to an unknowing child.

    In my younger years I was quick to use verbal and physical violence to deal with racism. By time I got to high school I had been in enough spats to know that it’s not worth it. Saying and doing nasty things in retaliation are not going to help.

    There is nothing that a stranger on the internet could say to me that would get me so upset. I realize that continuing this dialog with you could provoke you into throwing a dagger or two my way, but your anger worries me. Dude let it go.


    You win! I’m putting up the white flag.

    Rob Halpern

    Ashish, where has all this left you?

    When you started you seemed to feel that the rest of the world should just get out of your way because you “deserved” to succeed and to start succeeding NOW. (Well, that’s how it appeared to my eyes)
    Still feel the same?


    I started this discussion out of frustration with what I saw as limited opportunities, while other friends in different degrees have all gotten jobs within 6 months after graduation. I went to job fairs and have interviewed for parallel careers like graphic designer etc. I have come to understand I know I am not alone. But I am now going back to school next semester to get a degree in environmental economics. I will still be applying for jobs in landscape architecture because I would rather be working than going back to school. But I have made the commitment now to call three companies a day. Get a face to face interview twice a week either informational or something. And send out 10 applications a day. I cannot be scared about getting employed. I agreed I am not entitled to anything I have to actively grab it.


    What about pursuing a degree that is not related to Landscape Architecture? A degree in middle eastern art studies (or something of the sort) could really bring some flare to your designs, and attract more clients…I am currently at UC Davis to achieve a BS in Landscape Architecture, and I hope to pursue a Master’s in fine arts, to bring another dimension of creativity and innovation to my designs….

    On the other hand…being a professional, with so much experience…do you think this a good goal?

    Jim Del Carpio


    Jobs for L.A. is going to be based on solid sustainable technologies and Federal Gov. funded programs, such as TARP, TIGR and so on. You’re idea of MIddle Eastern Art to attract well-heeled clients is to put it mildly a little bit off the mark, as to real jobs that will sustain this profession and maybe help you pay off your school loans. Finish you’re BSLA, look for internships and good luck.



    The Trouble Asset Relief Program, TARP, bailing out the banks…that is creating a basis for L.A. jobs? How so? By making them more able to lend again? The banks are in better shape again and are back to giving out the fat bonuses, but they’re still not lending. From what I’ve read, their requirements are much more restrictive now.

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