Who is your favorite landscape architect in America today?

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    Thomas Rainer

    What firm is doing the most progressive design in America?  Which firms will change the profession in the next decade?  What project has blown your mind?


    Maya Lin.
    She is not very productive landscape architect, or you could even argue about if she is strictly a landscape architect or not. But when I firstly read about her designs as a first year la student, my way of understanding about this profession just got completely shifted .(Before that I never really realised how powerful and stunning a landscape design could be.)
    I always feel language as an invalid tool to capture the essence of her design. Those ‘cosmic’ forms like blackholes just have the magic to slow me down. I watch, feel and, leave..Do not really want to talk about it but clearly I know something changed or got “purified” inside therefore this experience becomes almost meditative.

    Trace One

    Can’t think of ANY. Depressing…I can think of designs I like – the UVA daylighting of the stream in the middle of campus..but desi/gners…In today’s NYT is a Jaques Wirtz garden – LOVE it.. Like Maya Lin, her recent Waves stuff is really fun, but she seems more like a sculptress..James Corner, while very successful, does not grab my fancy..Edwina Von Gal also cited in todays NYT, just ok..I hope I can turn to your blog, now, Mr. Rainer, for a discussion of who you like?

    for today I have to say J. Wirtz. Good topic for thought and commt..thank you…

    Jon Quackenbush



    Jason T. Radice

    Too many to name just one. And not just individuals, but firms.

    Tanya Olson

    I tried to think of a design or designer (firm) that really gave me goosebumps, but much of the work I’ve only seen in pictures….Teardrop Park by MVVA, when I saw photos of it, struck me as far and away one of the best and most creative new projects I had seen in a long long time. I always love Oehme and VanSweden projects – I don’t think I’ve seen one of theirs that I don’t really like (maybe a little biased – they did the planting plans right across from the landscape architecture studio at my university).

    Thomas Rainer

    I worked at OvS for the last 8 years. They do nice work. I was really blown away by Teardrop Park. And the Highline was a groundbreaking project–not perfect, but a different type of park. Tomorrow in my blog I’m featuring:

    How a Frenchman became the Hottest Landscape Architect in America

    Not sure this guy is my favorite, but he’s doing really interesting work. It’s worth noticing.

    Anyways, thanks for your comments. It’s good to see what other landscape architects are noticing lately.

    Landon Davidson

    I just looked her up. Her wave field is pretty awesome.

    Landon Davidson

    Haha. your my hero

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