Why Do You Hate New Urbanism?

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    Roland Beinert

    I’m glad to see that New Urbanists are absorbing the sustainable agriculture thing. I’d never heard the term “nourishable place” before you mentioned it. I agree that landscape architects could make some major contributions to the sustainable ag. movement.
    It’s hard to respond to this topic when I agree with most of what’s been said.

    Rico Flor

    Hi Trace.

    Why should I put you in your place if some points are valid? I’m center left too, but am open to seeing the will and action to change. I posted it somewhere here, that the recession does something good to the region…unarrested development is…well…arrested. Now that’s there’s a crunch, clients are now looking for more quality to the service. Thus I have faith these initiatives will go beyond being lip service. Like I said, Abu Dhabi’s wait and see attitude (they were observing Dubai) is starting to pay off in paper (Estidama is one tough hurdle and designers get greened up fast in order to succeed). Let’s watch if their totally green development takes off (I forgot the name of said development, Norman Foster is said to be involved), let’s see if their hosting of the IRENA (Int’l Renewable Energy Agency) will do good worldwide. Let’s see.

    And just quickly (before Nick censures us both in this thread), let’s also observe the expatriate consultants who command exorbitant wages but turn a blind eye to the above environmental concerns. And these are big, BIG names. My way of saying it’s not totally the nation’s own doing, but also the willing, the learned and the privileged who make it happen.

    We should talk some more about the other issues you pointed out, but this might not be the proper place, as a matter of courtesy, to Nick. Visit Dubai, let’s have a beer (discreetly).

    So to the topic at hand, few are aware of Duany’s TND concepts here; would like to see an indigenous version of the concept. I’m hopeful it will succeed.


    Trace One

    the gentle answer is always effective..meet you in dubai over a beer..’


    Please come check out http://archlandscapes.com/ if you have time and post some feedback so we can make the site as useful as possible.


    Rico Flor

    Tab’s on me 🙂

Viewing 5 posts - 46 through 50 (of 50 total)
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