BeLoose Graphic Workshop

    Drawing with a Good Attitude                    
    Many people feel they are unable to draw or sketch well either due to the lack of talented background or missing proper guided graphic skill. I have spent over 35 years of my life teaching people how to draw well with confidence, often I have seen people walke…[Read more]

  • Improvement of B/A drawings in just 7 days?

    Before: Bad perspective, no gradual value change and lack of details on walls, ceiling and floor.  Requires nicer design with more furniture, bad person that was scaled too short, need more colors like blue, purple, and orange.
    After: Good perspective, good details on walls with nice gradual value…[Read more]

  • How to render a sofa with markers

    Left Sofa: (Rendered as Designer’s sofa): Outlined sofa lightly with a red or #B pencil, then render each surface of cushions by applying Chartpak Colorless Blender first and use the value sequence of Sunset Pink, Salmon, Deep Salmon, Scarlet and Maroon to achieve a nice Graduate Value Change to White Space. …[Read more]

  • How to draw Bubble Diagram and Marker Lettering: 
    1. Use circle template, apply one circle with Sharpie and another one with Thin     Pen (don’t forget Professional Gap within circle), two circles offset to each     other with small gap in between. 2. Use different shades of green and blue markers and apply stripes with Over     The Edge just a b…[Read more]

  • Dear Land8Lounge Member,
    I just come across an outstanding watercolor artist Jack Tia Kee Woon, his paintings are incredibly phenomenon.  Each painting is so alive, colorfully glow with all six colors, and loosely expressed in style of its own.  I upload 4 of his painting under photos.  There are over 60 of his masterpieces on my web site at [Read more]

  • To draw well, you simply need to do the following three steps: 
    1. Learn best graphic tricks available. So don’t waste time studying by yourself. 2. Learn to copy other people’s work. Buy graphic books and copy, copy, and copy. 3. Work hard, never stop drawing. Create opportunity to draw and draw continuously.
    Believe me, if you follow the above…[Read more]

    Improvement of Before / After drawings in just one week during the BeLoose Graphic Workshop
    For the past 35 years, I have taught at universities and run the BeLoose Graphic Workshop on “how to draw quickly and convincingly with hand”.   I have found the following reasons that most landscape designers are afraid of using hand graphics on t…[Read more]

  • Kirk, welcome and I will continue to add more tips of graphics.  Please ask your friends to join the group and also sign up at for more.

  • Thanks for the invite Mike! I’m excited about this group.

  • Create your own book of Illustrations on computer
    Do you realize that there are over 2500 sketches, renderings, illustrations, design photos and nice pictures on our BeLoose web site under “Photos”, many beautiful drawings are done by very talented illustrators from around the world.
    You are encouraged to spend a few hours and go to the www,beloose…[Read more]

    Render Landscape Plan
    How you can render a landscape plan with the following easy steps:

    • Outline your plan with pen (LePen used). Use tips: straight edge, circle template, overlap corner, professional dot, gap.
    • Outline two trees with heavier Sharpie pen next to thinner pen as they are closer to your eyes.
    • For more details, click here.
  • Six approaches to layout a successful space
    After we have completed the bubble diagram, site analysis and preliminary design, often we are stuck in determine how to lay out appropriate lines to a successful space.  By laying your design on one of the six grids and follows each approach’s rule, a satisfying result can easily be obtained.  6 e…[Read more]

  • Thanks for the invite, Mike.  This is great!

  • Quick thumbnail sketch #1
    It is only 3″x4″ in size and colored with markers and colored pencil using all six colors (red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple). Outlined with Prismacolor black pencil.  Took only 5 minutes, it is a great way to communicate your great ideas quickly with your clients.  Remember, the best designers who don’t need t…[Read more]

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