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  • Tips of the Week: Drawing a Tree
    A simple 5 mins tree with Chartpak markers:  First outlined it with red or 6B pencil and render leaves with Grass Green and Nile Green; trunk with Buff, Suntan and Mocha.  Finally outlined it with black Sharpie and hit it with Prismacolor pencils – Poppy Red and True Blue.  Always apply markers from lighter to da…[Read more]

  • Better attitude can affect your drawing skills immensely Ever since I have changed my attitude to be better and looser, my drawing skills improved drastically. These are what I have changed: * I will no longer want to compete with my peers, just want to draw better than my wife, that is all. * I begin to realize that the more mistakes I have made…[Read more]

  • TIP OF THE WEEK: How to place people in a sketch
    It is very easy to place people in sketches or perspectives with the following rules:
    1. You must assume yourself is a 5 ft tall person and people you are drawing are all 5 ft. tall just like you.
    2. Draw an eye line on paper, then sketch or trace people with their eyes located on the eye line.
    3.[Read more]

  • Do you have hard time drawing good looking trees?  Here are some tips:
    1. Use of a black pen and outlines the tree with one of the four leaf languages –    Concave, Convex, Wendy and McDonald.
    2. Don’t draw any details inside a tree, just apply it with 45 degree strokes,solid     color or leave it blank.
    3. Use only one language per tree or grass,…[Read more]

  • Tips of the “Loose Sketch” with Marker and PenBeLoose Graphic Workshop – Mike Lin

    Tips of the Loose Sketch with Marker and Pen
    Often when you like make sketches to be loose and lovely with markers and pen, here are some tips to help you achieve great results and satisfactions:

    • Paper: Use of paper towel, napkin or any rough texture…

    [Read more]

  • Simple Tips of Applying Colors to a Drawing:
    Do you know when we stare at a color (Blue for example), we actually saw the opposite color of the color wheel (Orange), these blue and orange colors are known as complementary colors in the color theory (see below left for a test). 

    Therefore two colors (Blue-Orange, Red-Green, and Yellow-Purple)…[Read more]

  • I go to east coast all the time, I need to go to Boston sometime this summer or fall. 

  • In setting up perspective in mounds or terrains, you must assume they are in a square box, locate their base points on perspective and find their height, then do connect from each base point to the top.  Hope this help.

  • I recommend the marker paper by Borden Riley 100S. That is a very good marker paper that our BeLoose Graphic Workshop has been using for many years.  It does come with either sheets or in roll. 20# bond tends to bleed too much.  Let me know if you have more questions.

  • It is so nice to know our effort on Land8 was being appreciated. I do plan on having another new book published, but it won’t be this or next year yet.  I will consider putting more plant symbols per your request.  Thanks and tell your friends to visit Land8 for more tips of graphics under our group “BeLoose Graphic Workshop”.

  • For your convenience, I have linked the article on the Land8 site under group BeLoose Graphic Workshop.  Thanks for your inquiry.

  • A beautiful landscape plan nicely rendered by our member Romella Edgmon who took our workshop in July 2007. She contributes the entire rendering process below to share with our members.  Thanks to Romella.
    It was a pleasure coming up with a conceptual design for a water feature in honor of philanthropist Walter Annenberg. A water…[Read more]

  • We conduct only a 2 day at requested locations or a 7 day in San Francisco or Las Vegas.  We have found that a 2 day program is a very good introductory workshop and 7 day is like a full course meal.  A 3 day session seems to be either too long or too short comparing to a 2 or 7 day session. Thanks for your feedback.

  • Thanks for your valuable comment. Just for your information, I do post a lot of useful hand graphics information under BeLoose Graphic Workshop group so interested members can access to our group and learn a lot from it.   Regarding the workshop discount, I may consider offering some kind of scholarships and will announce it shortly. 
    Las Vegas ma…[Read more]

  • No, I am a member as well and offer the biggest discount to Land8 members to help out the budget of interested people.

  • Mike Lin posted an update in the group Group logo of BeLoose Graphic WorkshopBeLoose Graphic Workshop 11 years ago

    Drawing with a Good Attitude                    
    Many people feel they are unable to draw or sketch well either due to the lack of talented background or missing proper guided graphic skill. I have spent over 35 years of my life teaching people how to draw well with confidence, often I have seen people walke…[Read more]

  • Mike Lin posted an update in the group Group logo of BeLoose Graphic WorkshopBeLoose Graphic Workshop 11 years ago

    Improvement of B/A drawings in just 7 days?

    Before: Bad perspective, no gradual value change and lack of details on walls, ceiling and floor.  Requires nicer design with more furniture, bad person that was scaled too short, need more colors like blue, purple, and orange.
    After: Good perspective, good details on walls with nice gradual value…[Read more]

  • How to render a sofa with markers

    Left Sofa: (Rendered as Designer’s sofa): Outlined sofa lightly with a red or #B pencil, then render each surface of cushions by applying Chartpak Colorless Blender first and use the value sequence of Sunset Pink, Salmon, Deep Salmon, Scarlet and Maroon to achieve a nice Graduate Value Change to White Space. …[Read more]

  • Hi Zach,
    You should know the different between designers verse artists, please read the following link I posted a while ago:
    So you don’t need to draw well at all as a designer, you just need to know some basic skills to communicate your ideas with your clients.  Excited?

  • How to draw Bubble Diagram and Marker Lettering: 
    1. Use circle template, apply one circle with Sharpie and another one with Thin     Pen (don’t forget Professional Gap within circle), two circles offset to each     other with small gap in between. 2. Use different shades of green and blue markers and apply stripes with Over     The Edge just a b…[Read more]

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