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  • Hello Agnes Sophia! The best for you is to come to the UAE and look at the spot. Though that there is a lot of available professionals at the market seems that previous UAE or ME experience is critical. Be focused and persistent and certainly you will find something sooner or later. Good luck!

  • Hello, like few other persons I joined this group beacause I’m interested in working at UAE and maybe here is someone who could help me to find a contact there, give any sugestions where I should look for, or could recommended to me any company etc.
    Thanks a lot ­čÖé

  • hi ali al-gilani i have sent and email and u didnt reply. i need a job . i am Msc in horticulture and working as landscaper in pakistan and want to move abroad. kindly check my cv

  • al fathi posted an update in the group Group logo of Middle East LandscapeMiddle East Landscape 14 years, 1 month ago

    Hi all, since i’ve dabbled into the ME market, i believe it would be a good thing to join the group for all what its worth. Even though some may consider the market is slowing down, from my observation is that there are still plenty of works around. Have a nice day y’all.

  • Dear All,

    I am looking for Landscape Archiyects for my office in Jeddah- Saudi Arabia, if you or some one you know interested please send your Cv to : aa.algilani@gmail.com
    Salary based on experiance, benifits include, housing allowancw, helth insurance, and transportation. please forwared to those who might be interested, new graduates and those…[Read more]

  • Gulf Landscaping 2010 is quite disappointing.

  • Syaryzad posted an update in the group Group logo of Middle East LandscapeMiddle East Landscape 14 years, 4 months ago

    Hi Kevin,
    If you need a really good nursery in Qatar, my suggestion is : Al Maktab Al Hollandi is one of the best!
    Done a couple of projects with them, and their quality of work as well as their nurseries are superb~

  • Is there any significant project in UAE recently? I feel the government has cut off the fundings for development.

  • Kevin,
    As you are aware there are different sources useful for different type of projects especially nowadays when a lot of different companies are registered in Qatar and Abu Dhabi.
    Could you please state something for your project/s and I will try to find you some information. I mean type of project, size, approximate cost, timeframe, location…[Read more]

  • Greetings–

    While I do not live in the middle east I am working on projects in Qatar and Abu Dhabi and am trying to get a sense of how to proceed in a meaningful way. I’ve worked abroad before and have had positive and negative experiences with trying to be as ‘local’ as possible. So far my impression of Qatar is to be sensitive to the climate…[Read more]

  • Hey there ! I joined this group beacause I’m interested in working in ME and I hope mabe I can find some sugestions on how to do this. Glad to be here. If anyone has a tip on this idea I would be glad and very happy to read it. thanks!

  • Hi All,
    Steve has created a great group, where every one could exchange information for ME and how the landscape business is going on. LetÔÇÖs use it .
    Thanks a lot for the effort Steve.

  • we need landscape consultants / designer in me to do project online for us.
    mustafa kamal

  • hi all,
    Hi all we are the manufacture & exporter of hard landscaping stoneÔÇŽarticals & planter.. Some stone & finish hope nobody has seen earlierÔÇŽ

  • Info Q/Request? Anyone got a thumbrule cost computation rate for an earth fill using MSE (Mechanically Stabilized Earth)?

  • we have 304*304*30mm drainage cell, 250*500*20mm drainage cell(will be launched this month end). we are also developing soil stablisers for pavement areas and traffic areas. we can give our 30mm drainage cell for 5.5USD, 20mm drainage cell for 4.8USD FOB Chennai price.

  • hi shankar
    We used to get it from Singapore /Malaysia
    Teh FOB price 500x500x30 mm will be 9.50 SG$ per sqm. And 500x250x50 mm will be SG$ 10.50 per sqm. Plus you need to consider the 7 % customs charges in Bahrain. May i know your best price and any other products?

  • what is the best price to sell 30mm drainage cell to any landscape consultant in middle east.

  • hi every one this is v.p.shankar,Everest Associates from india. we are the leading manufacturer and supplier of drainage cell and geotextile in india. We are Looking forward to enter into middle east market. if there is any requirement please contact me at 00919841216732.

  • Dr.Thiruvelavan posted an update in the group Group logo of Middle East LandscapeMiddle East Landscape 15 years ago

    Sub: Landscape Horticulturist (Designing & Supervision)

    I am writing to apply for the suitable position.
    I am proud to introduce myself as a Doctoral Degree Holder in the field of Horticultural Science.
    The opportunity presented in this profession is very interesting, and I believe that my strong technical experience and education will make me a…[Read more]

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