LAN 2015 Announcements

LAN Announcements 2015

Landscape Architects Network make landmark announcements as we embark on a new year. With another year in the books, LAN is grateful for the loyal support we’ve received from our tremendous fans! While 2014 was the year of public spaces—both large and small—at LAN we’re proud to announce the best and brightest on our end. From the article of the year to the top projects of 2014—here is a snapshot of Landscape Architects Network in 2014. The quest for 1 million Facebook fans continues…

LAN 2015 Announcements

Erin joined LAN in May and has since written 25 articles about a wide range of topics including Can Copenhagen Become The Best Cycling City in the World? and 5 Amazing Facts About Green Walls That You Didn’t Know. When she’s not busy writing entertaining pieces, Erin practices at Michael Versen & Associates in Knoxville, Tennessee where she is a registered landscape architect. She holds all of the best characteristics that LAN seeks. Erin is curious, thoughtful, driven, and most importantly committed to crafting some of our most read articles. Congratulations, Erin! We look forward to another great year of thought-provoking articles in 2015!

Can Copenhagen be the best cycling city in the world? Credit: DISSING+WEITLING

Can Copenhagen be the best cycling city in the world? Credit: DISSING+WEITLING

Each year we highlight the most outstanding landscape architecture projects, which demonstrate new technology, public attitudes, while responding to specific circumstances. This year’s recipients include: The Laurance S. Rockefeller Preserve located in Grand Teton National Park, WY by Hershberger Design, Sherbourne Common situated in Toronto, Ontario designed by Phillips Farevaag Smalleberg, and The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Campus based in Seattle, WA by Gustafson Guthrie Nichol. Parks and public spaces were the big winners as all 10 selections directly or subtly fall into these categories.

Landscape-architecture - Green roof. Credit Timothy Hursley

Featured in our Top 10 World Class Landscape Architecture Projects of 2014. Credit Timothy Hursley

While most students are on holiday break, many design students (yes, this applies to architecture students too) are fearlessly working on their portfolios—especially the soon-to-be graduates! Dalia offers five easy-to-follow tips for improving your portfolio and even threw in a few videos to validate her points. “It is true that designing a portfolio can be a pain, especially because the task is usually accomplished in between semester breaks and over summer vacations. But, if performed well, it is a pleasant experience and will elevate your potential for internships or jobs,” said Zein. WATCH: One of the featured videos in 5 Mistakes You Should Avoid When Designing Your Portfolio. In the end, you’ll be glad you listened to her advice because it just might help you launch your career!

  • LAN Regional Page of the Year

With 25 regional pages, it’s been a successful initiative. While some pages are less active and engaging there are two that are battling for top honors. At the moment it’s a tie between LAN-Italy and LAN-Iran for the status of Page of the Year! The decision will be made over the next week and a half. Check back on Facebook soon.

Our special friends have a lot to offer. Quite simply, trees keep us alive by cleaning the air and providing oxygen, but that’s only the beginning. In LAN’s most viewed article, which has eclipsed a whopping 20,000+ Facebook shares, Ashley breaks down the facts and offers up some intriguing insight about trees. Did you know a 30-meter-tall (98.4 feet) mature tree could produce 2,721 kilograms (5,998.78 pounds) of oxygen in a year, which is enough to support at least two people?

Eucalyptus tree forest in Thailand; credit: Wuttichok Painichiwarapun / modification by SDR

Eucalyptus tree forest in Thailand; credit: Wuttichok Painichiwarapun / modification by SDR

Each Monday we share the hottest news in the realm of landscape architecture and as of this week it’s been going strong for one year. However, this feature is more than simply a brief overview of current and future projects. In actuality, we highlight the most breaking content on a variety of topics including: cities, transportation, livability, biophilia, plants, natural resources, and much more. With 17,000+ Facebook shares and counting, it’s among the premier sources for landscape architecture news and trends on the web! – As we move into 2015, LAN has ambitious goals, but with our emerging team and your help we’re confident that we can turn them into reality. Stay tuned by following us on Facebook and Twitter  and if you haven’t already subscribe to our newsletter today. Happy New Year from all of us at Landscape Architects Network! Announcements composed by Brett Lezon Return to Homepage

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