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  • IMHO, I do not think these are a good solution for the simple fact that, if installed as detailed on the manufacturers website, only the soil is stabilized and not the root structure of the tree.  Therefore, when the wind blows, it causes the tree to rock back and forth, pulling on all of the roots attached to the tree, which means the smallest r…[Read more]

  • Ryan, to answer your question from November, I am an avid golfer with a single digit handicap. I was drawn to golf design because I had a love for the game, then developed a love for the golf design industry and golf architecture. Something romantic about the whole industry to me.

    I think you have to be a good stick in order to be respected in…[Read more]

  • No problem, Radu! Glad to help.

    As for the conceptual design, it should be a general routing plan with generic bunkering and golf course character. You would want to establish number of tees, size of tees and greens, etc. so that you could generate an estimate. Other things, like drainage, earthwork, etc. would have to come from past experience…[Read more]

  • Radu, Ryan’s comments are on point. Of course, not everyone can do a conceptual design for the project before being awarded the project. We never did this when I was in the golf business. We always got paid for conceptual design, which is where we started with our fee, then if we determined the project was feasible, we rolled into CD’s and project…[Read more]

  • Ryan, while I agree with your assessment of renovation projects being the niche to look at these days, it takes the right client to take a “chance” on these renovations these days. With golf rounds down nationally 25-40%, it is somewhat of a leap of faith for owners to renovate their course to try to spark increased rounds. Yes, there are several…[Read more]

  • Yes, this is a great attitude toward golf course architecture. It is just too bad that the golf market is all but dried up. Of course, I still hold out hte dream that it will return again someday!

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