Chris Fullmer

  • Hi Daniel, how’s it going? Been a while now, but I’ve been watching your book and waiting. I’m hoping to get a copy here shortly. Thanks for posting about it here, hope all is going well,

    Chris Fullmer

  • Yeah, that would be fine. Its the sort of plugin that a basic implementation is easy. But just adding a few simple features can make it rather complicated to write. So we’ll start simple and see how useful it is ­čÖé But yes, email the info to me and I’ll look at it.

    @Bob, yup I’ve been on here for a long time. I have not been very active, but I’m…[Read more]

  • Hi Jacob, yes that kind of thing is possible to do in a Sketchup plugin. There are a few different ways to implement it. I think the best way depends on your workflow. But I have some ideas. I could write a very simple version for you. Maybe something that just export all the surface area of different materials used in a model. Then it would be…[Read more]

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