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I am landscape designer based in Berkeley, California. I see design as a form of play. Serious play. If the current climate crisis is primarily a failure of the cultural imagination, then one way forward is to reanimate the world around us. I’m interested in how big concepts like humans, cosmos, and nature are manifest in materiality and ecosystem relations. Within this frame, my research focuses agroecology, traditional ecological knowledge (TEK), and planting design.

I’m currently finishing my Master of Landscape Architecture at University of California, Berkeley, but my undergraduate degree is in political science, from Harvard University. The move from political science to landscape architecture is a natural expansion of my practice from narrow understanding of politics to a broader understanding that everything is politics.


UC Berkeley

Favorite Designers

Nigel Dunnett, Julia Watson, Pierre Belanger

Other Crafts/Interests

rammed earth construction, history of ideas, sacred geography

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