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  • i read, on a daily-bases, a reference Landscape Architecture portuguese blog: lAND 4 US.

  • i’m “here” only for a few days long and in that time i saw more pictures, more portfolios, read more interesting opinions and issues about Landscape themes, “spoke” with student´s and new or old (with all the respect) true professionals from my country and many other countries more, THAN I DID ALL THE LAST YEAR, at least …. should or need i say…[Read more]

  • Fernando Reis posted an update in the group Group logo of DESIGNDESIGN 10 years ago

    a comment to JJ comment (?)
    “The greatest designer is normal people—the best cities in the world were not designed” – my frien i think we may include that in the design category. not in the academic kind, but in the category of the design made by specific needs of people, but is design.
    if t. Church said that the gardens are made for people (and…[Read more]

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