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    to David — your response was great. thanks. we are about to over-seed an area with native wildflower mix. have to say, had a really good chuckle, more like chortle reading your comments. then had this amazing image of you talking to some folks out in your mojave neck of the woods about carbon sequestration (mostly because I have been in that…[Read more]

  • Oops — just saw the link in your second post — thanks, David.

    Still would be great to read the actual pub to know what was included in the study.

  • Wow…. and I thought my comment was long winded!

    This is great, though, David. I appreciate it. It is helpful to have to have a peer reviewed pub in this conversation (it means i better try to find the one I was referencing!). And it does run contrary to the prevailing wisdom in the “green” community regarding turf. Do you have a web link or…[Read more]

  • I have not read the article, Heather, David and Reid, but I think the basic point is good one — maintenance should be consideration in designing a “sustainable residential landscape.” Even here in the SW, we will design what we think is a more sustainable landscape, and put in a water harvesting swale with cobbles. As it turns out the maintenance…[Read more]

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