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    to David — your response was great. thanks. we are about to over-seed an area with native wildflower mix. have to say, had a really good chuckle, more like chortle reading your comments. then had this amazing image of you talking to some folks out in your mojave neck of the woods about carbon sequestration (mostly because I have been in that situation), and only understanding that you intended to sink the host of American Idol in their front yard. and then you just settling for an agreement on their part not to butcher the Texas Rangers into baseballs. and them left wondering, but the Texas Rangers are a base ball team, so….. anyway, that brought on the loud much-needed laugh i think you were referring to lower down on the comment wall. so, i guess i am left with this: be committed to bringing an approach that encompasses what is most sustainable for a particular site (given what the latest and best information is), be willing to educate our clients, but in the end, it’s their landscape, so above all we have to keep our sense of humor. keep up the good work. John

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