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    Wow…. and I thought my comment was long winded!

    This is great, though, David. I appreciate it. It is helpful to have to have a peer reviewed pub in this conversation (it means i better try to find the one I was referencing!). And it does run contrary to the prevailing wisdom in the “green” community regarding turf. Do you have a web link or digital copy? Also, off hand, do you know what part of the country the study was conducted in? Am assuming that is in Southern California given it was UC Irvine. Did the study account for the CO2 produced in the installation of the landscape and irrigation water, or just the ongoing maintenance (mowing, aeration, etc.)?

    From your page it looks like you practice in San Bernardino County, CA, which is definitely an arid place, like New Mexico. So, I am curious, what are best design practices and management practices for turf there? Also, if you had a client that was interested in maximizing the carbon sequestration potential of their residential landscape, what would you suggest in your environment?

    Also, your post seems like it has taken much from Toro literature or web materials. Is that your turf management brand of choice (as opposed to RainBird, et al), or is it just that Toro’s scientists and development have been particularly active in trying to improve the “green” performance of their products?

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