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Jörg Breuning was born in the green roof capital of world. He began working with green roofs in Stuttgart, Germany in 1980. In the last 33 years, he has installed and maintained tens of millions of square feet of green roofs throughout the world. He introduced living technologies as a new tool for managing stormwater in urban and developing areas and shaped the pioneers of modern green roof technology in North America.

Breuning’s extensive horticultural knowledge, common sense and decades of practical experience created the foundation for North American companies like Roofmeadow (Roofscapes), Emory Knoll Farm, GAF, CETCO, Rooflite / Skyland USA LLC, Sustainable South Bronx, Green Roof Solutions, Stancills, Penn State University Green Roof Research, Celebrity Cruises Miami, Resource Conservation Technology, Optigreen North America and many more.

During his career Jörg has earned multiple degrees and certifications in landscaping, horticultural, and green roofing. In 1983, Breuning was one of the first in the world to earn a green roof professional accreditation from Optigrün AG, who was the first green roof manufacturer to offer an in depth educational system for green roofs.

In order to be eligible for the accreditation, a candidate had to have completed 3-years of apprenticeship on green roofs. In 1985 he earned his national certification and horticultural technician degree – a program required 5-years of proven practice in the hortucultural/ landscaping field.

In 2003 Breuning transferred his German Company (founded in 1985) to the United States after being the key consultant for Chicago’s City Hall green roof – the first green roof project in North America according modern green roof technology.

Jörg’s activities will strongly focus on topics that ensure common sense is always practiced, ensuring that the horse stays in front of the cart, and provide valuable insights into making green roofs as popular and efficient as they are in Europe.

Jorg’s expertise is rooted in many horticultural and environmental technologies when related to living plants and organisms. Green Roofs, Green Walls, Green RailRoad Tracks, nature swimming pools, advanced composting technology, PV / Solar, vegetation combined. Recycling opportunities and systems. Many German and European based technologies are the most leading technologies in the world. Introducing, understanding and promoting these technologies to the new “green” America is what Jörg does.

Current Employment:

Green Roof Service LLC – Green Roof Technology


<a href="http://greenroofservice.com&quot; rel="nofollow">http://greenroofservice.com</a&gt;

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