Laura Stabell

  • You might want to look at environmental engineering. It can combine sustainability,aesthetics and scientific solutions to problem solving.

  • That’s amazing-I guess the concerns of the past have faded in the post cholera era?! In my area septic systems are the largest nitrogen contributor to the rivers-except the occasional horse farm which spot contaminates the surface waters. The sewage treatment plants take some things out but not enough. Diversion permits between water tables and…[Read more]

  • Hi Miles,
    I was just reading Permaculture Magazine(UK). Somebody was writing about using bamboo charcoal for drinking water filtration. I dont know if its better than plain wood charcoal.
    Also there people have something called “reed beds” to handle their effluent. I wouldn’t think that would fly here with health dept regulations unless it was…[Read more]

  • I have dealt with water gardens, bog gardens,wetlands and other water quality issues. Water is never easy! I designed-never built my own natural pool. This will be a trial and error project. An inexpensive construct might be done using a liner. I’ve used fish quality vinyl-good till a deer waded in. Industrial vinyl pond and canal lining is…[Read more]

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