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  • The landscape is a great way to enhance your property and add character, but that’s only if you can see it! Outdoor landscape lighting is the most affordable way to not only highlight the beauty of your existing landscape but even create additional living space without costly renovations. If you are looking to enhance outdoor gatherings, h…[Read more]

  • For thousands of years, healthcare professionals have seen the relationship between greenery and wellness. These healing effects, which have been studied extensively, are just one of the many reasons landscapes and healthcare go hand in hand. When it comes to healthcare facilities, the difference in property types can be monumental, ranging from…[Read more]

  • What Is Hardscaping?

    The most overlooked yet essential aspect of a well-designed landscape is hardscape. Though using living elements and greenery, known as softscaping, is also crucial to landscape design, if softscaping is bread then hardscapes are the butter. As opposed to softscapes, hardscapes refer to any nonliving elements in your…[Read more]

  • We may not think about it as often as we should, but plants rule the world.

    Agriculture, forestry, and biodiversity have major impacts on our everyday lives, and all are reliant on the stability of our plant life. Despite the importance of keeping them safe, few are aware of the intricate science known as Plant Health. We’re taking a deeper dive…[Read more]

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