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    Hey Brian! The question you should ask is…if you get further LEED accreditation, will you actually get projects and clients to pay for that service. Being an LA, I imagine that the answer typically would be no. We are almost never in the position to be the LEED professional, which, in my experience, is an employee of the architect or subconsultant (probably another architect). Why would any of us want to put the money and the effort to maintain CE’s, when it provides very little in terms of actual fees generated. I would focus on learning about SSI (not that I am biased towards that ūüôā
    That said, I wouldn’t ignore further LEED accreditation… there might be some benefit down the road with LEED ND. That is, if development actually resumes again and we begin design neighborhoods again… Look at it as more than adding a title to your name, can it actually generate work and fees beyond what is typically asked of you?

    This is at least my experience with LEED…hopefully there will be somebody else who has had different experiences being an LA with LEED!?!

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