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    Hi Noriko,

    Thank you! What a great post. Many people are finding themselves out of work at this time, but I think that this economic downturn is going to foster incredible creativity in those that don’t find themselves gainfully employed by an established firm. The time is NOW to really get out there and think differently about our land and our profession. How we use our knowledge and sensitivity, and how can transform landscapes for a sustainable, viable and egalitarian future is totally up in the air! It’ll take creative and talented Landscape Architects to literally “ground” these ideas which will radically change our fworld and society. I say enter competitions, or create one of your own. Get your ideas out there and don’t be afraid. Get into a public agency and work from the inside out. Above all, volunteer for local community organizations or large multinational non-profits (or start your own!) that are already looking for a different paradigm of public open space planning and design, energy infrastructure, and transportation networks. Get involved, and keep growing.

    Anyway, this is what I tell myself every morning these days. I’m still employed, but feeling the collective urge to do it better.

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