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  • What is LAbash?
    LAbash (landscape architecture bash) is a student run conference that serves as a platform for students from various universities to converge, exchange ideas and celebrate their passion for landscape architecture.
    LAbash was conceptualized in 1970 by three students from the University of Guelph looking for an opportunity to…[Read more]

  • Early registration for FIU LABASH 2012 has been extended for 1 more week, don’t miss out register today!

  • I know many of you are concerned with the cost of Labash….well let me reassure you about what you are getting for the money!!!

    2 dinners fully catered
    2 lunches
    Open bar for 3 nights…come on guys you can’t beat this
    Tours (fees included in reg price)
    Transportation to all of our events and tours
    Amazing Lectures by: Mark Rios, Walter Hood,…[Read more]

  • That’s magic! And so inspiring, truly. Thank you very much.

  • Thanks Michael. I am preparing for the Chicago trip, and I feel I need some time to articulate what I want to accomplish. I am still an entry level (graduated last year), so it takes sometime to be able to contribute more significant way. I am interested in GIS technologies and how it can help design the sites which has challenging topography and…[Read more]

  • Hi Noriko,

    You are quite a firestarter, just look at this discussion you provoked?

    So I think you are far more capable of much bigger things than just taking notes and pictures in Chicago. What do you dream about? What keeps you up at night? Why did you really become a Landscape Architect? TELL US!

  • Well, thanks to the downturn, I have enough free time to go to Chicago for ASLA Conference. I hope I can meet with you at Alumni Reunion on Friday at 8 PM. Your comments are inspiring. When this dark recession started to fully manifest, it made me think “why our universities keep producing many landscape architects while the profession is so…[Read more]

  • This really is the time to start new things. During past down turns, many new, small firms grew, new ideas explored and new energy was built upon. Seattle will soon be updating the neighborhood plans. This is an opportunity to look again at where we live and work and provide leadership in making the right improvements. Much progress has been…[Read more]

  • Wow Oona, you hit the nail on the head!

    This is so true for some many talented and tenacious people.

    I’m wondering/learning/realizing that if we just “let go” and start going with our gut on design and planning choices instead of going with the rubber stamp, that we get taken care of by the money gods. It’s happening for me right now. I’m…[Read more]

  • I hear you Michael! I thankfully still have a job, but am afraid to think outside the box – since I might lose my job because of it.

  • Hi Noriko,

    Thank you! What a great post. Many people are finding themselves out of work at this time, but I think that this economic downturn is going to foster incredible creativity in those that don’t find themselves gainfully employed by an established firm. The time is NOW to really get out there and think differently about our land and our…[Read more]

  • I graduated in 2008 (last year) am working at EDAW in Seattle. I lost contact with most of my classmates and am wondering how they are doing. I am wondering what I can do to contribute for the community that is suffering gravely due to the poor economy.

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