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  • Check out Hong Kong Park, it can be a bit naf and dated but it is a well used much loved park. There is an interesting dynamic at different edges of the park with some major roadways cutting it off from the surrounding buildings while other parts are more integrated into the pedestrian system.
    Kowloon Park warrants a visit. 
    The Expo Promenade in…[Read more]

  • exactly the same for me. 
    I had over 3 weeks of “comp time” that went unused/unpaid when I left my job because I was never allowed to take it. In the end I didn’t even bother asking for it. It would have been ok if (as discussed with my former employer) it was taken into account for salary and bonuses, but no bonus was given. Anyway starting a…[Read more]

  • Cold, contrived and uncomfortable

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    Canberra is nice, a good place to live and the UC is a good school too. Canberra also has an awesome setting, really doesn’t have a city feel to it not many tall buildings, lots of trees and natural landscapes all around. Its close to Sydney too and a short flight away from Melbourne. In terms of the uni courses in aus, I know quite a few people…[Read more]

  • I like 3-D Max, I found it easy to use. I couldn’t really workout much with Rhino (though I didn’t give it much of a go). I find the terrain capabilities of 3-D max to be really good and it is easy to start off with an autocad model and import.

  • Well in most cases the system is designed by hydrolic engineers and irrigation designers (usually linked with suppliers / contractors) I know sometimes LAs can be involved in discussions as is the case with a new council building in Perth, WA. Check out http://www.newforms.com.au/ and look at the Cottesloe, Peppermint Grove & Mosman Park job,…[Read more]

  • I worked on a Government job in Canberra, Australia where a full grey water recycling system was installed. The grey water system provides water for flushing the toilets and irrigating the landscape. As the Landscape Architects we didn’t have much to do with the design of the system and just designed the planting etc. The practice of grey water…[Read more]

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    Hi all
    for any graduates (or graduates to be) out there I am involved in a group called GraduAILA we are graduates who are going for or preparing for registration through AILA. At the moment we are only based in the ACT but want to see the idea spread. There has been some activity in Perth with JAILA starting up earlier this year (before I left to…[Read more]

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