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    TIP OF THE WEEK: How to place people in a sketch
    It is very easy to place people in sketches or perspectives with the following rules:
    1. You must assume yourself is a 5 ft tall person and people you are drawing are all 5 ft. tall just like you.
    2. Draw an eye line on paper, then sketch or trace people with their eyes located on the eye line.
    3. Draw people bigger (closer to you) or smaller (further away from you) so your sketch has good depth with interest.
    4. If you don’t know how to draw people well, don’t attempt as bad people can quickly ruin your drawing, so find any entourage books and trace people into your sketch, just to make sure their eyes are all on the same eye line.  Believe it or not, over 90% designers are tracing people from entourage books. So should you.

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