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    Do you have hard time drawing good looking trees?  Here are some tips:
    1. Use of a black pen and outlines the tree with one of the four leaf languages –    Concave, Convex, Wendy and McDonald.
    2. Don’t draw any details inside a tree, just apply it with 45 degree strokes,solid     color or leave it blank.
    3. Use only one language per tree or grass, however, you may use of McDonald     on the top of a tree and Wendy on the bottom to show a deciduous tree, or     use of Wendy on the top and McDonald on the bottom as an evergreen tree.
    4. Most often people draw badly as they draw too much details inside the tree.
    5. Once you master these 4 languages, you can apply them to any field sketches    easily  and convincingly.

    Remember, it is not really hard to draw good trees if you draw less details and use of four leaf languages.  Trees can ruin or save a drawing, so now you can practice the following trees at your leisure time and soon you can be very good.
    Mike Lin, DirectorBeLoose Graphic Workshop

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