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    Tips of the “Loose Sketch” with Marker and PenBeLoose Graphic Workshop – Mike Lin

    Tips of the Loose Sketch with Marker and Pen
    Often when you like make sketches to be loose and lovely with markers and pen, here are some tips to help you achieve great results and satisfactions:

    • Paper: Use of paper towel, napkin or any rough texture paper.
    • Outlined with black ink pen: First outlined the sketch with black pen, the darker marker colors used, the thicker pen needed.  Thick pen like “Sharpie” or thin pen like “LePen” are recommended.
    • Colored with markers: Colored the sketch using primary colors (Yellow, Red, Blue) or complimentary colors (Yellow-Purple, Red-Green, Orange-Blue) to create vivid and excitement appearance.
    • Over Edges: Use lighter marker and color over black lines to achieve looseness look. If darker marker colors used, the black lines need to be thicker.
    • White Space: Leave at least 20-40% white space to catch eyes.

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