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    How to draw Bubble Diagram and Marker Lettering: 
    1. Use circle template, apply one circle with Sharpie and another one with Thin     Pen (don’t forget Professional Gap within circle), two circles offset to each     other with small gap in between. 2. Use different shades of green and blue markers and apply stripes with Over     The Edge just a bit. 3. Use red and yellow marker and draw arrow heads outlined with Sharpie     first and then Thin Pen second with 1/8″ space apart. 4. Apply colorless bender for base first and use different markers to create     Graduate Value Change to White Space with many light colored dots. 5. Marker lettering was done by letter the alphabet with marker and outlined with     Sharpie and Thin Pen using straight edge, Front of letter highlighted with red     colored pencils and apply shade using grey marker with darker on the     vertical plane.
    See more examples, please sign in and browse under Tips…….
    Chartpak Markers: Willow Green, Grass Green. Nile Green, Sapphire Blue, Blue Glow, Maize, Banana, Sunset Pink, Scarlet, Purple Sage, Cool Gray 2, 3, 5 and Blender.  Plus Prismacolor Pencils: Orange, Poppy Red, True Blue.

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