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    Thx Craig, that’s very helpful, especially the welded rebar idea.
    3) When you locate a corten wall next to conc. paving, supposedly the water (irrigation/rainfall) that hits the corten and drains onto the conc paving stains it. Although i haven’t seen this yet, I’ve heard anecdotes… We have detailed a 3″ groove filled with pebbles between the conc. paving and the corten, if that makes sense


    definitely read through all three multiple choice sections again…


    passed the exam this week.
    make sure you prepare well. the fee is seriously hefty. you do not wanna retake it…

    Be familiar with ADA guidelines pertaining to landscape architecture. Guardrail, grating, ramp surface, landings for ramps and stairs,
    What kind of conc.. finish appropriate at ramp.
    Which of the following does not require ADA access sports fields, restrooms, playgrounds, parking lot. Ans. sports fields
    guardrail requirement. a 4″ sphere cannot pass through the rails. A guardrail is required when the drop is more than 30″.
    If you are locating a tree in an ADA accessible courtyard what would you look for in the tree to ensure compliance. My answer was branching structure. I could have been wrong though.
    Max. grating opening in path of travel: 1/2″

    Fire issues in Landscape architecture.

    Responsibilities and limitations of, US fish and wildlife service, Coastal commission, US army corps of engineers, California Department of Fish and game. If you are constructing in a wetland which agencies might be involved.
    various levels of guidelines: landuse plan, subdivision plan, zoning ordinance etc.?
    Which agency is responsible at various scale and location of projects.
    Be familiar with CEQA, Coastal commission, Dept of fish and Game, USFWS.

    Irrigation pressure per foot rise of water.
    What info do you need for MAWA(water application) calculations.
    What info do you need to calculate precipitation rate.
    Why need a BFP?
    Where do you get your water pressure info from.

    Plant communities of Ca, especially what can be planted under Oak trees, in riparian areas.
    What plants should not be planted next to equestrian trail.
    names of some plants with culinary value that can be used in the landscape in Ca.
    Be familiar with the most notorious and common invasive plant species.

    Project mgt.
    Project close out requirements.
    What should be in a contract between LA and client.
    If Arch is prime consultant and LA is sub. and arch says he is responsible for ALL code compliance issues. what is your response.
    How do you ensure sub consultants will comply to schedule (deadlines)

    In the sierras where do you place a cottage (my ans was South, South-west facing slope)
    Where do you get your 100yr flood line from (FEMA map, or something to that effect)
    if you are doing a project in the San Joaquin valley, which is more important . water conservation or fault line study?
    legal light requirement for self-parking lot., 5.0 or 1.0?
    What info does mech need to be provided for coordination regarding water feature.
    What info do you need to calculate max span of wood beam. (type of wood or wood grain direction?)
    Why steel in reinforced conc.?
    Identifying landslide potential.
    What method would you use to restore a concrete paving that is currently finished with a different color in a historic preservation project…



    US Fish and Wildlife

    CA dept of fish and game

    Plants go to each plant community and read about it. atleast plants in each community.

    Download DSA’s California Access Compliance Reference Manual go to page 463 of the document and review the sections 1-7 and sec. 10



    Coastal commision

    Could be helpful

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