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Experienced landscape architect, Revit expert, esteemed educator, and lecturer of one of AU 2021’s top rated classes, Nehama Shechter is Arch-Intelligence’s COO and professional guru. At Arch-Intelligence, Nehama is responsible for setting the professional tone and direction for our industry leading BIM-based landscape and site design platform, Environment for Revit®, and for keeping the entire team inline and on target.

Nehama gained her Bachelor of Landscape Architecture degree from the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology in 2016. For a period of nearly 6 years, while still in university, she began working as a landscape designer and leading projects of different shapes and sizes. In her free time, Nehama enjoys mindful moments, nature, quite music, yoga, and most of all, spending time with her loving family. In 2019, after giving birth to her daughter, Nehama took time to tackle the grueling, and nearly impossible task of learning how to use Revit® for site design. That’s when she discovered Arch-Intelligence and Environment for Revit®. As a self-employed landscape architect, Nehama leveraged Environment’s broad set of tools to implement Revit® in her landscape designs and dramatically improved the results of the projects she worked on. After experiencing the truly transformative power of Revit + Environment firsthand, Nehama decided to dedicate her time to spreading this knowledge and groundbreaking technology to other landscape designers around the world and was warmly welcomed into the Arch-Intelligence family.


Technion – Israel institute of technology

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