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United Kingdom/WF3 1UZ


Richards Portfolio contains projects from University and private practice. He is passionate about his career from the start of family business. This business extended from a local garden nursery to landscape and garden design. From this Richards work extended to degrees at University to build a large portfolio, which explains artwork and the creativity of projects within the designs themselves. Explaining the movement within a place and the very essence of living in the places designed and created.

Working freelance and family Garden Centre business I have gained him the experience in consultancy, management and working with other professionals. The work has enabled Richard to acquire extensive knowledge of various plants and their habitats, nature reserves and sub-tropical gardens and the urban realm. Gaining a passion for designing urban landscapes, natural environments, and natural habitats, combined with sustainable developments.

Working with Pro Wind UK, Geddes Consulting and Pegasus Planning, Leeds University has gained his experience in presentations for clients, private practitioners, and Local Council in Landscape Architecture.



Current Employment:

Freelance Landscape Architect


Favorite Designers

Ken Smith very creative and Pete Oudlof good with planting design in mass forms, Petra Blaisse for outside the box think of design and Kevin Lynch for the logical theory of the world.

Other Crafts/Interests

Engineering for the good of the world.

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