Richard Mariani



Richard Mariani

Current Employment:

self employed


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Favorite Designers

My teachers and associates, kudos and thank you!!!

Matt Wilson of 2nd Nature, Matthew Wilson Design of Alamo, CA
Artificial Rock Work Rocketship Class 10 years with degree
There is no Box Class 10 years with degree
There is no Spoon Class 10 years with degree
Welcome to the 20th Century 5 years with degree
Welcome to the 21st Century 8 years with degree
Currently enrolled in Marketing & Sales 101
Currently enrolled in Business Reconstruction 101
Currently enrolled in Tripod Concepts and Realities
What can I say Matt you have helped me more than I could tell, you are extraordinary at all you do!

Gary Cartwright-Outdoor Creations of Walnut Creek, CA Landscape Construction, Balance and Spatial Dimensions 10 years with degree

Terry Camp-Camp & Camp & Associates Lafayette, CA
Design specialist-10 years simultaneously with Outdoor Creations with degree

Bill Skarada-Land Form II of Alamo, CA
Nomenclature 101, 102 Advanced 3 years with degree

My parents who without them I wouldn’t even know how to tie my shoes!

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