Rich Giglio

  • The under turf cooling systems dont requier a water source of that size. Once the system is filled, the water recirculates with very little evap. The system circulates about 3/4 of a gallon of water per sq ft.

  • I need to weigh-in on the Milone and MacBroom report posted on May 4th, 09 by Squiers. Anyone who has any experiance with synthetic turf on hot days knows that the findings published by that report are not consistant with real life. To get a “real” sampling of the excessive heat that builds up on synthetic turf, those Milone and MacBroom boys sh…[Read more]

  • The synthetic turf cooling system sold by is, in fact, the only commercial “under-turf” cooling system available. It works by circulating water under your turf field in a closed-loop system. The water is cooled to about 65 degrees by an underground core utilizing Geo Thermal Ground Source Heat Exchange technology. In hot weather…[Read more]

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