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  • As volatile weather events increasingly become the norm, the importance of designing to support dynamic ecological processes – and proactive planning not just for operations and maintenance, but for the i […]

    • Assuming…that everything written here is “true”……I’m wondering. WHY did Barack & Michelle Obama (both major advocates of the “green energy movement & climate change issues”…..purchase a very expensive, multi-million Residence in the Cape Cod area…on several Acres of land that are right on the Atlantic Ocean? I’ve seen photos of that home and property…the Finish Floor grade of that home can’t be over 5 feet above Sea Level. AND, the Obamas also own the Hawaiian Seaside Home (one used to film the TV Series “Magnum P.I. with Tom Selleck”…..if the Seas are indeed rising, WHY would the OBAMAS own (2) homes sitting right near the Atlantic & Pacific Oceans???
      WHY…..don’t the OBAMA’s practice what they preach?

      According to NASA……the Seas are actually rising @ a rate of (Point 1 inch) per Year. How do you even measure that amount?

      IMO……This is just another “Liberal leaning” Article here on LAND 8. I’d like for someone to explain to me WHY a vast majority of Americans live in homes that are situated so close to Oceans, Lakes and Rivers. Why are there STILL thousands of new resorts, condos, homes, etc. being planned for Beachside locations?

      I believe that people (even experts) believe that the Seas are rising all around VENICE, ITALY…….no, I feel sure what’s going on with Venice……is that City is actually “sinking”.


    • Seriously…all we seem to get here on LAND 8 with these BLOGS are…..Liberal leaning articles telling us “THE SKY IS FALLING”…..Landscape Architects MUST do something.
      The “Planet Earth” is always changing…seas rise and fall…weather is always changing & it always will. Does anyone really truly believe that mankind can “change” the Weather here on Earth? If so, I would like to personally meet that person or organization….because, I know, they do not exist. Plans like “The New Green Deal” are just plans for the Liberals of this World to TAX all the people heavily for a program the can’t truly believe will actually work.

      Each nation must take responsibility for their own Air & Water Pollution Issues….and Flooding, as they can. The U.S. just can’t be responsible or fund their problems. America is already the most generous Nation on the Planet….giving Billions of foreign aid to many Nations. The NEW Conservative led movement “The Trillion Tree Plan” is, I believe, a very good plan…to help reduce the CO2 issues on the Planet.

      I really believe that the Planet Earth has always had a way of healing itself or adjusting.
      Experts who really “understand” the so called Global Warming issue say…’s better to have a “Warm Planet” than a cool planet….for the sake of people, animals and the ability to grow food.

      I personally, would just like to see LESS of these Liberal leaning LAND 8 Blogs…..With all due respect, they just all tend to read like a University Landscape Architecture Professor wrote them……and I think we all know, about 90% of the University Professors in our Universities are……..Very Liberal.


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