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    So I started this discussion a while ago – considering a move back to Australia from the US. Well, I finally arrived in Perth this week (my new home) and I think I’ve answered my own question – there are so many construction cranes towering over the city skyline it’s bloody amazing. And I just landed a senor position with Hassell here in Perth. So…[Read more]

  • I’m in Southern California too and passed the exam just before the cutoff – it only took 6 or so weeks to get my certificate and listing on the website. I know they are a little behind because of the rush to take the exam before the v2.2 cutoff, but I would be a little more proactive if I was you…you don’t want this to fall through the cracks…[Read more]

  • Deborah,
    Here’s a twist – I think I agree with you – on some levels! I live in Irvine, California, and the housing market here before the big bust was VERY HEALTHY. Strawberry fields and avocado groves were turning into housing very quickly. The fields were also truning into apartments very quickly too, so from that perspective, I’m fine with the…[Read more]

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    Hi Michael, Went to school in Perth, eh? What did you think of it? Thinking of moving to Perth and doing some teaching and curious what UWA’s like from the inside!!!

  • Brandon,

    It sounds like you guys are on the ball – all the experts recommend actively marketing during a recession! With so many companies going under and so many lay-offs occuring, you need to present yourselves as the go-to option for clients. Diversification is also one of the best strategies for recession-proofing your business.

    I could sit…[Read more]

  • Claudia – this is awesome. You’ve just described my upbringing!!! And the one I want my son to have. I played in a creek when I was a kid too and was stung and bitten by everything! With that said, maybe I was a little too harsh in laying a blanket statement over the whole U.S. with my thoughts on design. I’ve lived in Southern California for too…[Read more]

  • Hey Brandon,

    I like the way you think – outside of the box, that is. And that’s certainly the way you need to approach development in a recession. I’ve had the same dilemma in my company regarding the distinction between what Nick is calling Busness Development and what you’re calling “Marketing”. One thing that I’m learning is that we can cast a…[Read more]

  • Too safe? Yep! I’m an Aussie living in the United States at the moment and the biggest problem I see is what Nick said in the first post – everything is too safe. I have a 3 year old son, so we see a lot of playgrounds and I really wish there were some that allowed him to learn about things other than plastic and rubber. We went to Perth,…[Read more]

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