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  • As prominent shapers of our built environment, landscape architects play an outsized role in merging built and natural systems that impact our planetary health — and thus have an obligation to lead the way in r […]

    • If you’ll GOOGLE Dr. Patrick Moore, PhD in Ecology….you’ll learn that he is 72 yrs. old and probably the TOP environmental expert about our PLANET. You can watch a video interview of him…..very compelling argument…that, NO, humans do NOT have an effect on Global Warming/Climate Change. Yes, humans do have an impact on our
      environment (CO2…poor air quality & poor water quality)…but, that’s different. ZERO carbon emissions, I don’t think so. Because, even IF here in the U.S. we reached “zero CO2 emissions”, the jet streams would carry bad air quality from Nations like China, Russia, India, etc…to the U.S. And, nobody can or will be able to force another Nation to comply with the failed Paris Agreement.

      Dr. Patrick Moore is the Co-Founder of “Green Peace”, but, resigned several years ago when he no longer believed as Green Peace does….about the “theory” of Global Warming & Climate Change.

      Oh, I’ve seen the NASA charts & data that show the Planet Earth is warming…about 1/2 degree per year…in recent years. But, I have also learned that NASA (and other scientific institutions) MUST show data that proclaims humans are causing Global Warming and/or Climate change…OR they will NOT get the public funding they want for their research. NASA receives approx. $1.5 Million annually in public funding for their research.

      For the most part, I do agree with much of this article…..but, the reality is that IMO, Landscape Architects’ goal of “saving our planet” is just far fetched and unrealistic. Oh, it sounds good…and it seems to be the “talking points” that people like to hear these days. But, actually, GREAT DESIGN is just that…..we LA’s should take into account many of the issues this article addresses…..i.e., use of native plants, designs that coexist with the local culture, sustainable design concepts, solar energy, etc. IMO, this article should have been more concise….it’s too wordy and tends to ramble. Anytime I read a very long article that’s just trying way to hard to make “a point”…..I tend to think the author is trying to “convince themselves” that what they are writing is……..the Truth.

      J. Robert (Bob) Wainner

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