EX CAEMENTO – Landscape regeneration of an industrial site in the context of the Euganean Hills: the Italcementi case in Monselice

Master thesis in Landscape Architecture, University of Genova 2019

Abstract | The landscape redevelopment of a post-industrial site is a process that requires careful analysis and deep knowledge of the environmental context in which the manufactured site is situated.

The decision to examine the former cement plant Italcementi located in Monselice, Italy and to create a redevelopment project was dictated by the considerable impact that this abandoned production site has had on the surrounding landscape.

Its history and its shutting down are linked to the vicissitudes of the nearby Euganean Hills’ stone quarries and to the various events that have negatively affected the territory and its population.

A rapid and effective redevelopment is nowdays necessary in order to rehabilitate the site and its natural context that has hosted it since the 1950s.

The project presented in this thesis aims to take into consideration the history of the territory, the peculiarities of the Euganean Hills, the social developments related to the shut down of the cement plant and to the regulations and amendments adopted by the local and regional authorities; these were intended to propose a masterplan in aid of the environmental and ecological redevelopment, of the conversion and regeneration of the site.

The concept of this project is based on a site reintegrated into its natural setting, in order to be able both to offer a didactic function and strengthen its attractiveness for the needs of the citizens, with the introduction of a scientific and technological centre for the research of innovative tools aimed to raise awareness of environmental issues.

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