Flexible exhibition system 

Location Poznań, Poland

Year 2018

Status Completed

Client Private

Team Jola Starzak, Dawid Strębicki, Anastasiia Oksiukovska, Zuzanna Wysoczyńska

Photography Danil Daneliuk

The mobile exhibition system is the collection of the objects made of steel sheets which are a practical response to the needs of the project of Przystań Sztuki. The choice of material was primarily based on the criterion of resistance to frequently changing weather conditions and ease of maintaining its cleanliness and aesthetics. The sheet metal used for the construction of the objects has undergone a process of accelerated oxidation which allowed obtaining a protective function against corrosion. The oxidation also made it possible to give the displays an aesthetic look: thanks to their raw form and copper color, they perfectly fit in the space between the post-industrial Concordia building and the modern architecture of the Bałtyk Office. The displays have been designed to serve as multifunctional objects which due to the nature of their use will meet the requirements set by modern curatorial practices. The movable panels located in the central part of the displays provide flexibility and enable the exposition of works of visual arts (e.g. photography, reproduction of paintings, posters) both horizontally and vertically. This allows for mobility and diversity of layouts in which the exhibited elements can be combined together. When creating the design care was also taken to ensure that the entire exhibition system is resistant to unfavorable weather conditions, especially to the strong gusts of wind which often occur in the space of the Przystań Sztuki. Freedom and ease of use are provided by the open shape at the bottom which makes it easy to move objects and position them in different configurations.

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