Jersey City-Based Land-Use Consultancy, Dresdner Robin, Expands Team with Three New Hires

Land-use consultancy Dresdner Robin announced today that the firm has hired three new employees: Assistant Project Manager Jacqueline Cohn, and Field Survey Technicians Sam Pullin and Jordan Faust. The new team members will serve the firm’s growing roster of public- and private-sector clients.

“Our newest hires fall in line with the company’s robust outlook for 2022,” said Tony Ianuale, chief operating officer and chief financial officer of Dresdner Robin. “We’re thrilled to add a talented group of individuals to our growing team of industry experts who are dedicated to providing transformative results for our clients and the communities we serve.”

With six years of experience in environmental science and project management, Jacqueline Cohn assists in managing environmental consulting and remediation services for clients. She is qualified in remediation reporting, consistent with all New Jersey’s site-remediation programs’ regulations. Prior to joining Dresdner Robin, Cohn served as task manager for Arcadis, Inc., where she performed cost to closure assessments and oversaw field and reporting activities for gasoline remediation sites in New Jersey, North Carolina, Tennessee and West Virginia. Cohn holds a bachelor’s degree in environmental science (science of Earth systems) from Cornell University.

“From a catalog of various renowned structures to the dedicated team of industry experts, there’s a long list of qualities that drew me to Dresdner Robin,” said Cohn. “And, from very early on, it was evident that every team member here is truly passionate about making an impact on the environment and lives around them.”

A graduate of the American Institute for Accredited Planners, Sam Pullin brings design and planning experience to his role as a field survey technician. His background includes a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the School of Visual Arts along with training covering transportation planning, urban sustainability and climate action planning.

Jordan Faust, who earned his degree from Howard University in Washington, D.C., has background in logistics, product distribution, customer service and reporting during his time at The Coca-Cola Company and Amazon. Along with Pullin, Faust joins Dresdner Robin as field survey technician and will support the company’s robust surveying department in areas including 3D laser scanning, utility mapping, topographic and boundary surveying, as well as leading the industry in technological advancements like non-contact measurement technologies.

Since its founding in 1978, Dresdner Robin has expanded to multiple locations to better serve the tri-state area. To support its growing client base, the company continues to grow its multi-functional team in areas including civil engineering, environmental services, landscape architecture, land surveying and others. 

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