Roberts Neighborhood: Urban Infill Design

This senior thesis focuses on Roberts Stadium, a closed entertainment center located 3 miles east of Evansville’s central business district. The city itself is sprawling, leading to disconnected neighborhoods and a framework which doesn’t support pedestrians. Coupled with this, Evansville, IN became America’s most obese city in 2010. Across the United States, 30,000 people die each year from obesity related diseases (~1/4 of Evansville’s population), which frames the backdrop for this project.

The decision was made to create a neighborhood which promotes active lifestyles and expresses connectivity to its past, nature, and its surroundings. The façade of Roberts stadium is preserved, turning the former stadium into a commercial center with an interior courtyard. The adjacent Army Reserve training center is repurposed into a community center for local residents to enjoy. A network of trails also connects residents within the community and to adjacent neighborhoods. Greater density allows for larger open spaces, and an ecological corridor naturally filters storm water runoff.

  • Master Plan.jpg
  • Perspective - Stadium Reuse
  • Perspective - Stormwater Management Park
  • Section - Community Center Entry Plaza
  • Street Typology Section - Ecological Corridor
  • Street Typology Section - Residential Street
  • GIS Site Inventory
  • Human Health Amenities

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