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Waza to Kokoro: Hands and Heart seminar in Japanese garden arts

This intensive, hands-on educational seminar is an immersive learning experience in Japanese garden arts, framed in the Culture of Tea and the art form of the tea garden. Come to Portland to learn stonesetting, plant care, design, history and other related subjects directly from Japanese garden masters. The course is designed for landscape practitioners from all disciplines. Location: Portland Japanese Garden and offsites Dates: June 8-14 (application opens Jan. 10, 2020) Level: 1 (there is no course prerequisite, but the course is designed for professionals) Waza to Kokoro is eligible for continuing education credits from several professional associations. Tuition, conditions, program content and other details at or from The Trainin...Read More

Everything Your Lush and Healthy Garden Should Include

Designing the perfect garden for you and your family takes time and consideration, but there are a few seemingly small additions that could greatly increase the appeal of any backyard. Whether you’re looking to create something low maintenance, or are keen to spend more time with your plants, your ideal garden could be just a few updates away. Native Plants Filling your garden with those plants which grow best in your area is a great start. Visit your local gardening center and inquire about which plants might be best for your yard, and how you can create the optimum growing conditions for each variety. Native plants will also attract native wildlife, so you might just see a few new species hanging around in your yard also. Don’t be afraid to get a little repetitive with your plant selecti...Read More

Small, urban garden on the roof of an underground car parking in Warsaw’s Wola district

A small, urban garden on the roof of an underground car parking in Warsaw’s Wola district. Due to the shape and area of ​​the investment, an effort was made to create a pleasant, warm space that would extend the apartment for an additional room. The garden has two terraces connected with each other with wooden footbridge. In the central part, a children’s area is paved with a safe surface on which a small, inflatable pool is disassembled in the summer. A gazebo was built in the corner of the plot, whose simple shape was emphasized by formed trees. Between the pots there is a suspended seat, under which grow evergreen ferns and ornamental grasses. To liven up the space a little, a green art made of sedum plants hand-maded by the garden designer Anna Skorupska was hanged over the seat. It’s ...Read More

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