Everything Your Lush and Healthy Garden Should Include

Designing the perfect garden for you and your family takes time and consideration, but there are a few seemingly small additions that could greatly increase the appeal of any backyard. Whether you’re looking to create something low maintenance, or are keen to spend more time with your plants, your ideal garden could be just a few updates away.

Native Plants

Filling your garden with those plants which grow best in your area is a great start. Visit your local gardening center and inquire about which plants might be best for your yard, and how you can create the optimum growing conditions for each variety. Native plants will also attract native wildlife, so you might just see a few new species hanging around in your yard also. Don’t be afraid to get a little repetitive with your plant selections, either – rather than planting a mixture of different plants, positioning a handful of the same species together will help to establish a sense of consistency and uniformity in your garden.

Organic Produce

If you’re going to put time and energy into your garden, you might as well reap as many benefits as possible, and there are plenty of benefits to growing your own greens. Not only will you save money at the supermarket, but you’ll also experience all of the emotional benefits that come with growing and eating your own produce, and you might even eat more greens as a result. The most important thing you can do to keep your garden healthy is to plan for things like sun exposure and pest control, which could be as simple as building a raised garden bed. The next step is to make a seasonal plan for your garden, accounting for the fact that many fruit and vegetable plants only produce during a particular time of year.

Birds and Bees

If your goal is to attract more birds, butterflies, honeybees, or any other species to your garden, you’ll need to put a little extra thought into your plant selection. Birds tend to look for trees that provide food and shelter, so research the types of native birds you would most like to see and the trees to which they would typically flock. The same goes for butterflies, so plant some butterfly bush or butterfly weed and you’ll see more colorful visitors in your garden.

Space and Security

Natural grass is a beautiful thing, but it may leave you with naturally uneven terrain in your yard. Fortunately, getting around this issue can be as simple as laying down a few pavers. Not only will they provide you with that extra sense of stability and help keep your shoes clean, but they can also add a sense of luxury to the garden. Generously sized pavers will make your space feel larger, and throw in a splash of color and texture for good measure.


A few chairs can make a big difference to the usability of your yard, especially if you plan on entertaining company. When it comes to large pieces like outdoor sofas or dining tables, weather-resistant materials are key – the last thing you want is for a touch of rain to ruin your new outdoor setting. Synthetic resin makes a durable, low-maintenance covering for an outdoor lounge, while aluminum and wood are popular materials for tables and chairs.

Turf in All the Right Places

Nothing says luxury like a lush, manicured lawn, and turf is often a great investment in the garden.

However, that doesn’t necessarily mean you should cover your whole yard in new grass. You might find a designated patch of turf is all you really want for the family garden, in which case you’ll need to put some thought into where that patch should be. Remember that new turf requires plenty of maintenance and ideal growing conditions, especially while the roots are still forming. In order to make the investment worthwhile aim to position it in a spot that receives plenty of sun and rainfall.


A blazing summer can dampen the appeal of any outdoor area, turning shady spots into oases in the heat of the day. There are plenty of options for creating shade in your yard, ranging from a well-placed umbrella, a shade cloth, or even a free-standing canopy, but the same long-term effect can also be achieved by simply planting a few extra trees. Look for tall-growing species with thick leafy coverage, and as the years go by, you’ll be able to enjoy more natural shade in your yard and increase the amount of privacy you have from the street.

Pest Deterrents

You may think of that fence around your yard as a simple boundary between properties, but it also acts as a barrier between your fresh produce and unwanted garden visitors. If you’re planning a new fence, make sure the gaps between posts or the mesh are small enough to keep most bugs and pests at bay. The positioning of your plants can also make a big difference, as some species will naturally deter the pests which pose a threat to the other plants in your garden.

In some ways, a garden is always a work in progress, as each season brings its own blessings and challenges. As long as you’re committed to providing the right amount of maintenance for each of your plants, you can look forward to enjoying a bright, colorful garden all year-round. 

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