Building the Urban Forest // Call For Submissions

Building the Urban Forest // Call For Submissions

Scenario 5: Building the Urban Forest
Call For Submissions

The forest carries deep cultural significance. Within the urban landscape, this ecologically complex, spatially layered, dynamic system is also understood to perform a wide range of essential ecosystem services, from increasing property values to mitigating climate change. Reforesting cities is one of the defining trends of twenty first century urbanism, but there is little agreement about how our urban forests are to be designed, planned and managed.

As arborists, parks departments, landscape architects, planners and community groups engage in the reforesting of cities, how are they collectively shaping the urban landscape? How do we quantify the benefits of urban forests? Where should we focus our attention and effort — streetscapes, backyards, vacant lots, woodlots, parks, highway medians or large remnant tracts? What hybrid ecosystems are yet to be designed? How many trees are enough? A million? What makes a forest urban?

Scenario Journal welcomes the submission of critical essays, provocations, and design projects that explore the topic of building the urban forest.

Submission guidelines can be found at:

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Submissions are due November 1, 2013.

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  1. While so many people talk, then talk more, take things in your hands :

    Plant a tree ‘insert your city name here’

    Now, I’m off to check on that submissions request 🙂

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