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Letter to a Young Landscape Architecture Student (pursuing a career in healthcare design)

I got this letter from a soon-to-be-graduating BLA student who is looking to work in the field of healthcare design in landscape architecture. It’s a question I get a lot, so I thought I’d share her letter and my response on the blog. Hope it’s useful! “I found your website through the Land8Lounge Therapeutic Landscapes Network group. I am currenty a fifth year student, receiving my BLA and will be graduating in May. I am very interested in therapeutic landscapes and used the Therapeutic Landscapes Database you created frequently last semester in a Healthcare and Therapeutic Site Design Studio. Upon my graduation in the spring, I am looking to join a firm which focuses on therapeutic landscapes – or has a component of the firm which deals with designing for he...Read More

Los Angeles Landscape Show

Is anyone out west going to the LA Landscape show? Or has anyone been in previous years? Is it worth driving up from San Diego to see?

Solo los Peces Muertos Nadan con la Corriente

A raíz de este post de Javier Martín (, me quedo con esta reflexión, la que debiera convertirse en un lema personal por los tiempos que corren hoy en día. ENGLISH Due to this post (in spanish), by Javier Martin, i would like to kept the reflection, and thinking that it should become my personal motto. “Only Dead Fish Swim with the Stream” Greetings Source:

La Producción de Alimentos debe duplicarse al 2050

He puesto un nuevo artículo en mi blog personal. La fuente: En una reunión realizada para analizar aspectos sobre alimentación, la FAO (Organización para la Agricultura y la Alimentación) anunció que 40 millones de personas entraron el pasado año 2008 al círculo del hambre. De acuerdo a las proyecciones, la población mundial alcanzaría las 9 billones de personas el 2050 la producción de alimentos debiera doblarse para superar el déficit actual y prevenir que otro billón de personas entren en la hambruna. La producción de alimentos debería duplicarse para el año 2050 La directora del Programa Mundial para la Alimentación de la ONU (WFP por World Food Programme) haciendo eco de esta preocupación. advierte que la ...Read More

Bike-Sharing Goes Global: 5 Programs You Should Know About (

With bike sharing programs taking off in major cities all over the world, I think it’s important to keep updated with all the pro’s and con’s of these programs and think about ways we can design and plan to faciltate for the cyclists using these programs in our cities. Here is an article from I thought interesting to share. Bike-Sharing Goes Global: 5 Programs You Should Know About by Andrew Posner, Providence, Rhode Island on 09. 5.08 What is Bike-Sharing? If you at all familiar with the Zip Car model of car-sharing, then you should already undersand how bike-sharing works. Essentially, in a bike-share program bicycles are made available at special ki...Read More

Amsterdam Edging Ahead of Copenhagen as Most Bike-Loving Euro-Capital? (

Amsterdam Edging Ahead of Copenhagen as Most Bike-Loving Euro-Capital? by April Streeter, Gothenburg, Sweden on 02. 1.09 Both Copenhagen and Amsterdam can be proud of their impressive cycling statistics and ongoing investment in infrastructure. Copenhagen claims 36 percent of its commuters bike to work every morning. Amsterdam gives a slightly different and still impressive figure – 55 % of journeys to jobs less than 7.5 kilometers are done on two-wheeled, no emission vehicles, and 60 percent of inner city trips are bike trips. Now, according to the Dutch Bike Council, Amsterdammers have a new statistic to be proud of. People are using their bikes just a bit more than their cars, the figures from 2...Read More

5 Examples of Better Bike Infrastructure (Tree Hugger)

5 Examples of Better Bike Infrastructure by April Streeter, Gothenburg, Sweden on 01.19.09 Bike transport innovations just never get the same mainstream media coverage – or popularity, even on TreeHugger – that car news enjoys. Yet so much is happening as bike sharing booms in cities and on college campuses across the world, ridership increases, and the bike industry is one of the few that is seemingly insensitive to economic mayhem! In the bike universe, small changes in infrastructure are making a big difference (mostly better) in bike commuters’ lives. So here we give you a few of the ideas becoming more popular in improving bike transport, safety, and...Read More

Contact Congress to Restore Funding For National Mall

I received this email from ASLA about the stimulus package and want to help get the word out to everyone on Land8lounge. On Tuesday evening the House Rules Committee stripped a provision from the stimulus package that would have provided $200 million to refurbish the National Mall. Please contact your Congressperson and Senators and urge them to restore this critical funding for our National Mall. This much-needed funding would not only help to address the $350 million backlog of maintenance projects associated with the Mall, it would also provide important jobs for landscape architects, engineers, construction and maintenance workers and a host of other local professions. Opponents of the Mall funding argue that it is wasteful or non-stimulative. However, many small businesses, including ...Read More

Earth Friendly Landscapes

This is the link to my blog

A little British water feature humor…

After walking through Potter’s Field Park in London I happened upon these water jets… Oh how I love British humor!

Spatial Artifacts: Eckbo Uncovered

{Bay Lido Building Pocket Park, 1958, Garrett Eckbo. Apologies for the poor quality. Image Via: Modern Landscape for Living} Friend, neighbor, fellow OSU alum, and landscape architect Kevin Newrones, while reading Modern Landscapes for Living, realized that one of the photos featured in the book was a 1958 Garrett Eckbo pocket park that stood just up the road from our homes. In general, the notoriety of acclaimed landscape architecture projects are typically limited to that of our own kind, and even in that regard, we are, at least I certainly am, capable of standing in a space designed by one of the greats and would not necessarily notice. Inspired by a trip to Boston, in which another LA friend had extensively mapped out all the landscape architectural nodes of significance. A map which ...Read More

Terragrams dispatches interview with Liat Margolis, co-authur of Living Systems

Liat Margolis joins Terragrams for dispatch 17. Listen at Trained as an industrial designer as well as a landscape architect, she co-authored the book “Living Systems, Innovative Materials & Technologies for Landscape Architecture.” Liat received a BFA in Industrial Design from the Rhode Island School of Design and a Masters of Landscape Architecture from the Harvard Graduate School of Design. She was the Materials director for Material ConneXion, a materials research and consulting company in New York City, recently worked at the landscape architecture firm Hargreaves Associates and is currently a special lecturer at the University of Toronto. Liat discusses her book Living Systems, her engagement with the world of materials, the GSD Materials Collection, the Unive...Read More

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