Contact Congress to Restore Funding For National Mall

I received this email from ASLA about the stimulus package and want to help get the word out to everyone on Land8lounge.

On Tuesday evening the House Rules Committee stripped a provision from the stimulus package that would have provided $200 million to refurbish the National Mall.

Please contact your Congressperson and Senators and urge them to restore this critical funding for our National Mall. This much-needed funding would not only help to address the $350 million backlog of maintenance projects associated with the Mall, it would also provide important jobs for landscape architects, engineers, construction and maintenance workers and a host of other local professions.

Opponents of the Mall funding argue that it is wasteful or non-stimulative. However, many small businesses, including landscape architecture firms would be eligible to perform the necessary repair and maintenance projects on the National Mall.

More than 25 million people visit the National Mall each year, making it a major tourist attraction, which contributes significantly to the Washington, DC local economy.

Your urgent action is needed! call your Senators and Representative.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this with us… similar shananigans are happening in California, as well. Ugh!

  2. My understanding as to why the funding was poo pooed , is that it was attached to a bill as pork.
    I don’t know the full extent of the attachment but a short blurb about it was covered on NPR.
    Instead of being a side dish to the main entry, vivid transparency is required so that the funds can be delivered without
    a veil of mistrust and suspicion.

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